THIS IS THE #1 ULDUM DECK! - Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone

Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone — I hope you like Murlocs, because Uldum is full of them!
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33 thoughts on “THIS IS THE #1 ULDUM DECK! — Saviors of Uldum Hearthstone

  1. I copied this deck its sick, I took out an acolayte after hearing your comments and added cult master speeeeeeeds up the draws loads and you have lill dispodable minions

  2. Beat this deck with battlecry shaman plus Hagitha. Still had an earthquake and 9 damage scheme after killing his nomi.

  3. I am not sure who has more insane and great RNG in this game. Thijs or Kripp…. still wondering…. at least Thijs never complains like this guy when he losses

  4. That 2nd or 3rd game.. against plot twist warlock shows just why zephyrs is fucking OP! Haha!!
    Daaaamn! And again against that priest! Guys… Zephyrs is a craft… right now, if you dont has him.. craft hims! Haha!!

  5. I'm curious how whenever someone sub there's an animated object that tracks's Kripp's head. Back to OBS tutorials I guess…

  6. I hate Murlocs. I truely am a horrible person, because deep inside I know they're there for the sake of mentally challenged people and their opportunity to play with everyone else. Reason being that intelligent human beings use them to their advantage and it (to some degree) ends up being successful.

  7. After watching this video I made my own murloc deck. It's not as good as yours but laddering is really fast now. Thanks for inspiring!

  8. Nice that Kripp is showing this deck. But this and similar builds only confirms for me I was right to #rageuninstall. HS ('lately') has become spammer-dee-spam netdeck RNG slot machine and I'm calling it double quits now. I know I know, don't let the door hit my ass on the way out…

  9. Guys a question, in the first game kripp said there was a 5% chance to pull chef nomi, and when he drew tip the scales he said "even less now" I don't get it… Tip the scales is a spell and the more cards you draw the higher the chance to get chef nomi from the lens so could someone explain please😅😆

  10. How are you getting so many wins? Im using the same deck and i have lost every single game only because i keep draw both of my tip the scales to early.

  11. this is so stupid, with 3 mana you have a full deck, and you have a murlock with 7 attacks, a beginner with this dec can beat the best player, this is so op, that they are increasingly destroying this game with stupid cards, what is point to have card whit 8, 9 mana , useless …… in the end you will get 1 mana card , and you kill a rival hero. in the next expansion 1 mana card win the game ……..

  12. cant understand sir finley and zephyr in this deck can someone explain me ?

  13. Good deck but therr are better. I've done a taunt warrior deck which beats this hands down, with a 33-2 win-loss ratio, though thats in play rather than ranked mode (ignoring the wins where players mess about or just concede).

  14. please loser rank 11 tell me whats best?
    how can you be paid to play and be so bad?

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