This Mad Lad Destroyed 5,340 Armor | Wild Hearthstone

Danehearth gets a surprise and has all of his armor taken in wild Hearthstone

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44 thoughts on “This Mad Lad Destroyed 5,340 Armor | Wild Hearthstone

  1. Always excited when I get notification from Dane. You were the inspiration that kept me playing the game. Nzoth hunter was by far my favourite. Thanks for the content, cheers.

  2. I have seen your shenanigans before… i can do better. Fear the absolute madness, as I turn your petty tricks against you.

  3. Here's something you don't see on ladder everyday: guy gets punched in the face for 770 damage and lives

  4. "He's lookin' for that sweeet windfury…"
    "Put your faith in the light!"
    "Heey! Heeeey! HEY!!!"

  5. Should’ve let him punch you to death with it. He deserved it. Plus, the title would’ve actually been true

  6. Hang on, Wild Hearthstone is so dead that they make the floor rank 5? Thats… thats super sad, actually.

  7. oh this deck is dead now thanks to the new card they just printed that removes all armor 😀

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