THIS MENAGERIE HAS IT ALL! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — This is just about my dream build in the Battlegrounds.
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49 thoughts on “THIS MENAGERIE HAS IT ALL! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Has Cobalt Scalebane on board.
    Rolls into Scalebane.
    Sells Scalebane.
    Murozond battle cry produces Scalebane

  2. Turn 9: puts highest stated minion at the very end. Smart. Also, leave it to Kripp to complain about not winning by enough…

  3. They should take the "Can't Attack" off of Cannon, lol. That would basically be equivalent to removing it except it would pollute the 2-pool and troll players who don't read the patch notes.

  4. Make cannon a 0/2 and remove can’t attack. That way if it was buffed by spawn it would attack and die, meaning you wouldn’t be able to make a early game build with them together.

  5. Me: Watches Kripp and predicts exactly what choices he will make

    Also Me: Actually playing Hearthstone and never getting choices anywhere near as good

  6. Hi kripp love watching your videos, this one was a really good menageri build, but i have ha done concern lately with your videos, i know you love murlocs and all and thats great they are amazingly hard to beat, and i also know you need some form of decent start or transition at the right point, but it feels like it has gotten easier to get murlocs, like that match when there was like 5 or 6 murloc players and you transitioned into murlocs to had a bit more luck and just completley crushed everyone and everything, and yeah i know you cant control luck, but also after awhile it becomes a bit dull and boring when 8 or 9 videos out of 10 is murlocs, or when you try a new added champion or changed and it more or less becomes, is this character bad lets try murlocs and find out, sorry for rant i just wanted to say something, but outside of that when you mix it up and do different weird or cool stuff its really enjoyable.
    thank you and kind regards.

  7. Kripp's LuckIndex™️ this game was… 1.332.

    This is about the equivalent of winning 2 consecutive coin flips.

    The highest LuckIndex™️ ever recorded was 1.332 in "THIS MENAGERIE HAS IT ALL!" on July 21st, 2020.

    This was calculated using LuckIndex™️ v1.0.
    For each round win, the raw index is divided by the probability of winning that round.
    For each round loss, the raw index is multiplied by the probability of losing that round.
    The raw index will be a number between 0 and +∞.
    Finally, the LuckIndex™️ is calculated as the natural logarithm of the raw index.

  8. End of this game was played so bad. You could’ve looked for ghoul, or bought maexxna or nadina to improve but you just do nothing instead… wtf

  9. I feel like Cannon can be salvaged. Make it deal 1 damage to a random minion whenever a pirate attacks. This reduces the token value to just one pirate, which should be a lot more balanced.

  10. Your videos have helped me. Did a menagerie build with 5 goldens, one a grubber. My best build yet. 187 177 grubber at the end. Unstoppable. Of course, no Murlocs this game

  11. question: does the LightFang amplify all the minion types but if it has an amalgam next to it then since it has all the types then the amalgam gets the amplification for all (pirate, murloc, beast..the other) all?

  12. That play with Parrot and Nadina is a clever move. It even counters Kripp if he gets a Ghoul.

  13. I swear when I get cannon, sniped first hit. When opponents have cannon. Lives and kills my whole board

  14. Don't watch your videos anymore, too much cringe. You always bob your head around waaaay too much during your intro. Also, your use of off topic words to describe or identify certain cards is also cringe. Nobody knows what this "minagerie" is, just use the cards real name.

  15. Kripp video 17h ago: game is slower, Kripp game 2h ago: game is faster, Kripp game in 15h: game is slowfest?

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