This mod is amazing! Diablo 2 in Grim Dawn

This is such a cool mod for Grim Dawn. Takes Diablo 2 and slaps it onto Grim Dawn. 5 acts, d2 classes, d2 monsters and bosses and more.


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18 thoughts on “This mod is amazing! Diablo 2 in Grim Dawn

  1. Uhmmm. As a neo nahsi d2 fan… This mod is disgraceful.

    Ori and the Will of the Wisps come out 2 days before next PoE league. So fluff PoE. Ori more important

  2. Wow this is an amazing find thank you. @Woolfio have you tried Diablo 2 Median? That mod is still being updated and even has online mode.

  3. I am totaly with you. Played the mod as Strafe-Ama/Sorc and had so much fun while feeling somewhat home. The sound is one of the most important parts in here and hearing Deckard Cain begging you to stay a while and listen….just wow!

  4. I notice quite a few art assets directly copied off D2. Am I the only one thinking this should not be posted/spread on youtube? It won't stay as it is for long.

  5. Off topic: What is the difference between "you need that thing" and "you do need that thing"? Thanks 😉

  6. Grim dawn is far better than it was when it came out. The first expansion especially, was a huge leap forward for the game.

  7. Build myself a sorc-druid — works quite for clear, but the leveling gets slow at ~lvl 60. Still fun mod though, best one I had.

  8. Wow, looks amazing! Tyvm for sharing, ill try it after im done with wolcen.

  9. you can stack the items, you need to klick in the inventory there should be a combine button

  10. If I never play grim dawn or d2, is this like two games for the price of one?

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