This Rogue Played Every Class This Game?? ft. Admirable | Zalae Hearthstone

Another ridiculous death and ridiculous game….I think this rogue played every class this game.
Look for me in all these places:


24 thoughts on “This Rogue Played Every Class This Game?? ft. Admirable | Zalae Hearthstone

  1. Tradcath weeaboos, some of the most powerful individuals you can encounter online.

  2. Zalae finding out about a Vine and watching it twice on stream is one of the more wholesome things I've ever seen.

    Thank you Twitch chat.

  3. Right before Jaraxxus, I thought to myself «he hasn’t played a Warlock card yet».

  4. This is why we have child labour laws, because people like Zalae would make them play hearthstone for content.

  5. I'm pretty sure the second game was actually an arena game that Zalae talked Admirable into playing. There's no way that was constructed…Right?

  6. zalae could do an entire stream of him just reacting to vines. such powerful boomer energy

  7. The Rogue played:


    Missing Demon Hunter, Druid, and Mage. This makes me want to build a deck specifically so that I can play a card from each class in a game.

    Edit: Played Grandmummy, so priest too.

  8. Its funny. Im playing Highlander Hunter RN (11-1 in mirrors) and never, not even once, fought a warrior. Its literally the only class I have 0 matchups. I'm only playing hs because I got to diamond/legend insanely quick with this deck, because I was playing battlegrounds and didnt even bother.

    Its obvious I have the power of God And Anime at my side (though I like neither — thats your goal, mortals!).

  9. "Arena is like smashing noobs" I got destroyed by Zalae in our only random arena encounter in hs. I would love to smash him at Magic Arena tho. Different arenas, different noobs!

  10. I love the "lets talk about your problems" — "shut up" hahaha. Seems like Admirable got a good friend. Always nice to remind myself thats still possible. Love the interaction and as far as I think Zalae is nice, I really like Admirable 🙂

  11. I can tell from how your talking your semi studying the maps for the new set. For mobile players we only see the bottom left and top right. Just something to think about

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