This SHAMAN Deck has 100% WINRATE This Year?! | Ultimate Galakrond Shaman | Hearthstone

Join Disguised Toast in a new Hearthstone Descent of Dragons video. Where this time we unravel the sneaky Ultimate Galakrond Shaman deck tactic. Since no one is playing Galakrond Shaman right now. The strength is that no one expects it! I hope you guys enjoy!

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40 thoughts on “This SHAMAN Deck has 100% WINRATE This Year?! | Ultimate Galakrond Shaman | Hearthstone

  1. "Facebook gaming"
    Hows that working out? Must feel so lonely over there with all the soccer moms.

  2. deck CODE:

    ### Ultimate Galakrond Shaman

    # Class: Shaman

    # Format: Standard

    # Year of the Dragon


    # 2x (0) Mutate

    # 1x (1) Earth Shock

    # 2x (1) Invocation of Frost

    # 1x (2) Earthen Might

    # 2x (2) Novice Engineer

    # 1x (2) Witch's Brew

    # 1x (3) Acolyte of Pain

    # 2x (3) Far Sight

    # 2x (3) Spirit of the Frog

    # 1x (3) Zentimo

    # 2x (4) Devoted Maniac

    # 2x (4) Hex

    # 2x (5) Dragon's Pack

    # 2x (5) Shield of Galakrond

    # 2x (6) Corrupt Elementalist

    # 1x (6) Kronx Dragonhoof

    # 1x (7) Galakrond, the Tempest

    # 2x (9) Mogu Fleshshaper

    # 1x (9) Shudderwock




    # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

  3. Isnt that a big misplay at 10:51 u have kronx in hand doesnt the devestation always have deal 5 damage and heal 5 and u could go face with the 1 minion and kill him?

  4. Jokes on you, I've been playing Galakrond Shaman despite the nerfs because it was still decent. Not busted like before, just ok.

  5. Anyone have the full video stream link if there is one? I know hes on facebook gaming and not twitch anymore.

  6. Hey Toast, I bet others have already asked this, but why no Zephyrus? I can definitely understand no DQ Alexstraza, but this deck seems perfect for Zephyrus because of it's high card draw.

  7. Is anyone visiting him in Facebook gaming?! I believe he was talking to bots only

  8. Tbh I was wondering why I ran into this deck literally every game turns out you're the reason my life is hell lol

  9. I don't see this Shaman deck doing that great against Warrior which are the real problem decks right now.
    I'd rather play my own Highlander Galakrond Shaman deck than this deck. Atleast that way I can outtempo them. This deck seems to have not enough early game, and yet not enough late game either.

  10. So if I understand correctly, you have 100% winrate with godly draws and at rank 10?

    Good job Toast!

  11. Actually it would be trademark/copyright pending as a patent is protection for an idea or invention not labeling.

  12. Everyone is talking about the missed lethal at 11:30, but no one is talking about the missed lethal at 10:51 where he played Corrupt Elementalist instead of Galakrond with the 5 dmg weapon???

  13. Wait!! I always thought the intro said ‘this guy is toast’

    I have only just realised after being a LONG time viewer that it says Disguised Toast!
    Thumbs up if you too have had this discovery

  14. So glad to see comeback of "Spirit of the Frog" and "Spirit of the Rhino" in this expansion. These spirits were never played until now and it's amazing to see them work! Powerful, but not OP. Balanced as everything should be!

  15. This was EXACTLY my plan and it worked. No one expected me to play shaman and I won pretty much every game. Now you have RUINED it! Thanks Toast.

  16. Hey toast, i've made an aggressive galakrond shaman that counter most of The decks în The meta including face hunter and The priest deck, you can have turn 2 — 7dmg on board and turn 4-5 lethal its pretty good even against control warrior

  17. Hearthstone lacks unoriginal decks now cause everyone just net decks off of Toast or Kibler.

  18. honest question, I feel like mogu doesn't come out of my hand where it matters enough to actually play it, I feel like the deck would improve if it was cut. what would you replace it with?

  19. No joke I’ve climbed 5 ranks in the past week with a quest, shudder, galakrond, storm surge deck. Use invokes to fill quest, with evolves to control the board til I can double BC Gala then ideally follow with a shudder, Ive only lost to aggressive early game hunter decks.

    Shaman is soooo underrated!!

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