TIER 1 ARANNA IS OBSCENE!! A Golden Army of Selfless Saurolisks! | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

The new hero Aranna has arrived in Battlegrounds, and it looks like staying at Tier 1 to chain golden minions and scale Rabid Saurolisks may be an absurdly effective strategy with her!

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Battlegrounds | Hearthstone | TIER 1 ARANNA IS OBSCENE!! A Golden Army of Selfless Saurolisks!


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38 thoughts on “TIER 1 ARANNA IS OBSCENE!! A Golden Army of Selfless Saurolisks! | Battlegrounds | Hearthstone

  1. This would be so insane if it could be used with pirates, you can get additional gold allowing you to scale rabbids so well, it probably won't happen,but it would be insane

  2. I really think your only chance was a ghoul. You would have to put a sarolisk in the first position, win the 50/50 to go first and then win the 50/50 to kill her divine shield giver. Then she kills the ghoul, destroys all her divine shields, macaw attacks giving you 4 divine shields, easy win.

  3. I'm probably wrong here, but wouldn't it have been better near the end to sell a golden hero for a macaw? This would have given some chance of the macaws protecting each other with divine shield, meaning each macaw other than the first would have a shot at triggering multiple times, emulating holy mackerel.

  4. Is it just me or is this hero busted as hell? At first I thought it was "Every 7 rolls, Bob's Tavern has 7 minions" + maybe "this turn". Turns out it's much stronger.

  5. HysteriaA: How to win at Tier 1
    Blizzard: We should make that simpler
    Regis: I feal like I'm cheating

  6. i love any hero that allows you to play a tier 1 only game its always so dumb and fun haha

  7. When this hero was revealed I thought she was trash; I assumed her 7th roll just had 7 minions and that was it. Never did I imagine this broken BS…

  8. I kept saying to my phone "Please get a triple bomb" triple McCaw hits bomb, that's 4 random hits which would snipe divine shields 😱

  9. BG V1 seems pretty balanced! BG now Blizzard managed to destroy balance in there game yet again…

  10. Would it ever work to play like afk and just just roll for the first two turns and on turn three have 7 minions to pick from and pop off from there? Could even go pogo for the meme with that many minions to view at tier two

  11. I honestly thought that the hero power was "every 7th refresh has 7 minions"
    I think the best way to nerf that hero power is the evolved version should be
    "Your current tavren tier has 7 minions"
    That is, if this hero does need to be nerfed. It's only early stages.

  12. How in hell did Blizzard ever think this hero was balanced exactly? I mean, it cant have been that hard to notice right?

  13. Ok, my dumbass thought you only got 7 minions on that 1 last refresh, and then the countdown restarted the refresh after. Then, when I saw you got it for the entire turn I was stunned at how good thay was. and THEN turns out it's for the rest of the game??? Is that not too broken??

  14. Why did he keep refreshing with mecharoos in the tavern if he was looking for deathrattles?

  15. 35:18 they got so big because the game went on for so long because the strongest player (Regis) didn't kill anyone else. he kept winning but letting other people live so they could catch up. that's like the double edge of this strategy, you're giving your opponents so much time and so many rounds to eventually scale bigger than you.

  16. I feel like an out would've been poisoned murlocs or go for maexnnas yourself and power level to 6. With 7 minions, it's not as improbable compared to other heroes.
    The moment his dragons began to catch up, it should be a red flag because if you can't 1 shot his dragons anymore and a 1/1 poison is as good as your saurlisks.

  17. I think you could have won if you just kept buffing the last few rounds instead of tapping and looking for what? But great game anyways, fun to watch!

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