TIER 1 TOTEM SHAMAN!?! Real Data, Not a Meme. Totems are STRONG! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

I can’t believe it, but Totem Shaman is actually ranking as one of the Top 3 decks on HSReplay.net right now. This version was tweaked to fit our pocket meta with better answers against Demon Hunter, and it’s absolutely crushing everything we play!

Decklist: https://outof.cards/hearthstone/decks/14823-overload-totem-shaman

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Deck Spotlight | Hearthstone | TIER 1 TOTEM SHAMAN!?! Real Data, Not a Meme. Totems are STRONG!


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44 thoughts on “TIER 1 TOTEM SHAMAN!?! Real Data, Not a Meme. Totems are STRONG! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. Is this deck worth to craft without splitting axe and Vessina? I know it’s to early to craft stuff but without these 2 cards it’s like 200 dust so I don’t really care.

  2. I played Totem Shaman in Descent of Dragons as I thought Splitting Axe would somehow kick butt. My deck was decent but now…NOW TOTEMS WILL RISE

  3. This deck actually kicked my ass and i couldnt believe it lol. He had mana tide totems and somehow it worked

  4. Winning with 7 Mana Tide Totems on board is the funniest thing I experienced in a while. This deck is great 😀

  5. Well, it is just a slightly less annoying version of token druid. Of course it'd be unexpectedly strong and annoying to play against.

  6. I don’t know where you got the information that this is Tier one but in my Hsreplay it’s not even on there

  7. Please don't create a future in which Totem Shaman is nerfed. These words cannot appear in the same sentences. If needed, just buff everything else.

  8. Infetious sporeling works wonders on here, just add it to kill taunts like kartut defender or the other reborn orthe over orc

  9. I'm currently 12/14 with this deck. I started from bronze and now i'm gold, but i think that's not so strong. You just have to be reaally lucky.

  10. They laughed, they all laughed and said it would never work. I've been using this deck to climb for a while now.

  11. Whenever a new deck gets played I love looking for the 12 year olds in the comments trying to claim ownership of the deck, the most pathetic thing I've seen. Equivalent to the person in school that had to be the one that knew about a new song before anyone else -_-

  12. I have to admit seeing Totem Shaman in the meta scares me. For it has always been the ultimate meme deck I can't cope with the fact that now it could be good XD

  13. Man, these dudes from Blizzard are so stupid. Once they got the dumbest idea of creating totem shaman and since then they'd been adding more and more of those shitty cards.
    I see that picture:
    Blizzard office

    -Hey, Bob, we've been adding so many good cards in this expansion but what about TOTEM SHAMAN???
    -Oh yeah I totaly forgot, Tom, but man… Isn't he too weak? And anyway who is gonna play with this deck?
    -Listen man… you need totem shaman, I need totem shaman, we all need totem shaman, we just don't know it yet
    -Okay but how are we gonna make him playable?
    -Well, Bob, we added so many STRONG cards but people still don't see this deck. Why don't we add a card which is called: "This card will win you the game"
    -But Tom… Totem shaman is so weak. I'm not shure if it's gonna be enough
    -Don't worry Bob. There is another card which is called: "If you still haven't win the game, this card will win the game"
    -Well, seems pretty legit

    Where is the balance? I have 0 chances to kill this stupid totem because on the 2 turn my opponent has like two 100/100 totems with buble. What should I do with it???

  14. As "stupid" as this might seem, it still looks a helluvalot more fun to both use and fight against than pure spell mage. Ran into one of those yesterday, spent like 15 turns unable to do about anything while they just kept getting frost novas and other freezes over and over. More infuriating than getting garbage minion luck in battlegrounds.

  15. I played totem shaman in whispers. I can tell you, totems are 2 GOOD cards from being top tier always.

    We used to play a 1 mana 0/4 taunt just to protect our turn 2 totem. That's always stuck with me about how surprisingly powerful totems can be.

  16. Totemic Reflection not only copies totems. You missed lethal once by not copyieng the splldamage Dragon.

  17. I'm sorry but this deck is garbage. I think u had luck beyond luck to even win once. I went 1-14 with this deck. Absolute trash…

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