TIER 6 ON TURN 7 | Rushing Tier 6! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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Rushing Tier 6 with Deahwing and then finishing the game with 9 Tier 6 Minions: Golden Mama Bear, Golden Ghastcoiler, 2x Maexxna and a Foe-reaper 4000.

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44 thoughts on “TIER 6 ON TURN 7 | Rushing Tier 6! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I think Deathwings HP needs to be replaced altogether.
    I don't think taking rat pack out of the minion pool would fix the issue since it would just make deathwing the best hero for playing mechs.
    Which arguably is the most successful comp already.
    Maybe nerfing his HP to +2 attack would be enough, but who can really tell without playtesting.

  2. Anyone else feel the world slow down around them after watching this on 2x speed?

  3. i wish i could get a ratpack ONCE as deathwing, i for some reason never fucking get one. i tried staying on tear 2 and rolling until i got one once, wound up dying

  4. ppl are playing like this for real? with those coments i assume that. i need to play with deathwing asap to see if its fun to use and if it has some strategies. of coure rat will carry the game but i think theres some potential to do some crazy stuff. dont know if there are some legend stuff to do or only some standard plays but anyway it seems fun

  5. i think for me dw is hard after getting to tier6 cause at that point I have mainly tokens and other have strong comps already. Need some luck to switch into something else for a complete comp.

  6. Galakrond player: "Sure, I'll be weak for the first few turns, but the power spike from this single 6 star minion should keep me in the game"
    Deathwing: "Cute"

  7. you should set the last 2 recruitments and combats to run at normal speed, and yes I know there is a playback speed controler but it is not the same

  8. Just retire rat and there will be no need to nerf DW. Because we all know that when Blizzard nerfs something it becomes totally Millhoused

  9. Rip Deathwing was nerfed he used to have ‘All minions have +3 attack’ as his hero power but now it’s +2

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