Time to Showcase My New, SUPER Highlander Mage!!

Thijs Ashes of Outland Decklists: https://imgur.com/a/XUUhJHp
Deckcode: New Highlander Mage — AAECAf0EHk2KAYsDyQOrBMUEywTtBJYFigeNCJ+bA6CbA4qeA6GhA8KhA/yjA4ukA5KkA4SnA/qsA+yvA/CvA5GxA4S2A4y2A+G2A427A9y+A97EAwAA

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30 thoughts on “Time to Showcase My New, SUPER Highlander Mage!!

  1. stop playing this rng shit and come to play lor a game that will test your sill

  2. the first game is the reason i dont play anymore. The value that rogue generated with Hanar alone is such bullshist

  3. Zephyrs can flare hunter spell. I don’t think even counter spell can’t counter it.

  4. Thijs: Lets showcase new much highlander mage
    Also thijs at starting hand: Uhh what a terrible hand

    Well its highlander lul

  5. wait… why the heck he damage his own hero at turn 2 ? i know im not a pro and my english is not the best but… what ? i need to know

  6. you know what, I feel no shame for saying this, I thought Thjis was pronounced "Thiss" like a "Th" sound like in "Throw" and then "hiss" minus the "h".

    I'm very high right now and I think my ceiling is moving sidewars.

  7. Hey man how about those ganja plants in your appartment? Are you gonna talk about them???

  8. " My New, SUPER Highlander Mage" Dude chill it's a normal highlander mage deck, it's not yours and it's not a super version of highlander mage or anything.
    If only clickbait wasn't a thing.

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