Tirion Is Just A CHICKEN In Disguise! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1459

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Tirion Is Just A CHICKEN In Disguise! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1459

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ES_Sunday Field Trip — Mac Taboel
ES_Let Me Off — Sniffer Dogs
ES_No Time Gone to Waste — Mike Franklyn
ES_What I Thought of You — The Flix
ES_Chicken Old Ladies on a Bus — Gary Combs
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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38 thoughts on “Tirion Is Just A CHICKEN In Disguise! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1459

  1. 2 things about this clip

    Först your totally unfazed intro is very welcome in this time

    Säcond that Tirion to chicken switch had me laughing so hard, had to stop the video

  2. My tip for returning players is to play wild and just meme around to have some fun, dont take it too serious :p

  3. For returning players I would advice them to save some Gold when nerfs get announced, so that they disenchant nerfed card for a good amount of dust, then try to find them by abusing the new duplicate protection and repeat.

  4. My tip:
    Do not return. This game, when it once had some elements of skill in it, now mostly just relies on the simplest of maths and 99 percent luck and chance, just the count of cards with the text random outweigh other cards. Everyone knows this to be true. Its a miracle there are pros for this game.

  5. Returning players/new players should pick the mage deck, and craft Raza priest, best advice I can give.

  6. Tips from a old f2p. After years and after so many dead accounts, i have reached the Nirvana f2p knowledge.
    DONT DISENCHANT NOTHING, only the golden cards.
    This is the basic tip for a complete experience.
    DONT disenchant cards to craft at one complete deck because after few days it will be boring.
    And trust me, dont play arena. It is boring and rewards are not good.
    Arena gold is for another arena game. Again: arena is boring

  7. my advice for you returners?
    dont come back, just watch hs from youtube so we can save more swearing "CYKA BLYAT!!"

  8. My tip for new players: HS is NOT pay to win at all. Ignore what people say. You can easily get to legend with a cheap aggro deck or save up dust to make an expensive deck in like a month or two

  9. Nobody, absolutely nobody.

    me: I wonder what kind of debuff lich king plays against you if play as demon hunter? and does it tick off any of the classes?

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