Token Shaman is the Memes I'm looking For | Dogdog Hearthstone

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26 thoughts on “Token Shaman is the Memes I'm looking For | Dogdog Hearthstone

  1. I actually lost to this deck. This was supposed to be a meme because it is shaman but they had double blood lust and killed me over two turns.

  2. Dog is lowkey a comedian. I legit laugh at his commentary. Good stuff

  3. Is the card that summons Al'Akir if you have all 4 basic totems still in Standard? It might finally have a place to call home…

  4. Somehow I knew the title was wrong before I clicked on the video. It says “token shaman” but I knew it was supposed to say “totem shaman” because I got absolutely memed on by a totem shaman deck on ladder today.

  5. This deck was good cuz people ignore your totems early on.. Now streamers are ruining it

  6. I wonder how nuts a totem deck will be in wild (with Nightmare Amalgam, Totemic Slam and other totem synergy cards, and a serpent ward or two)

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