TOKI FINALLY DELIVERS BIG! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The once overrated, then underrated, now kind of overrated again Toki, finally gets her day.
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48 thoughts on “TOKI FINALLY DELIVERS BIG! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. They only half unnerfed Toki, her hero power used to add an extra minion to your roll as well.

  2. I think the problem with Toki is that Tavern Tier 4 right now is utter trash. Almost no build wants anything there, Mech and Divine-shield being the exception, and even they like 3 more. The standalone powerlevel of most 4-cost cards is subpar. You basically always want to stay on 3 as long as possible and then make a very quick transition to 5.
    That means her HP is actually worse on 3 then a normal roll since for most builds you barely care about a single 4-cost card if any at all and you don't really want to stay on 4 to roll for 5-cost since your other rolls are shit.

  3. I’m sorry I have to unsubscribe. I stopped playing this game because I just could not afford it. It was way to much money to keep playing. Best of luck.

  4. I've been extremely lucky on my last battlegrounds, was playing murlocs and was the first to 5, first roll, instant triple brann, so unfortunate for the other murloc players

  5. why am i not surprised he’ playing murlocs again, called it before i clicked on the video

  6. I only watch his YouTube, so what is this poker tournament he keeps talking about? Also can anyone who wants to join it?

  7. Just the fact that if someone has double mackerels you can lose make this card so dumb like "wow you got that board that you worked hard to get , but guess what I got lucky so no matter how strong you are you will loose "

  8. Petition for kripp to stop saying “average hero” and go back to saying “around the”, “worse than” or “better than 10th best hero” again

  9. Kind of amazing that he wasn’t offered a single mackarel this match with all those murloc discovers and triples and hero powers. I was slightly annoyed that he taunted his board because it excluded the taunt mackarel reset idea but it didn’t really end up mattering even though he only got 1 taunt buffer

  10. Why can Kripp manage to force murlocs with two other murloc players in the game when I can't do it when I'm the only Murloc player?

  11. Kripp: I stream everyday
    My Brain: Icecream everyday
    *flashbacks to the time Kripp ate icecream during streaming*

  12. Safety counsel sounds like utter bullshit to me. "I don't like this, so you can't stream it"

  13. Toki is powerful when every has the same build, your already fighting for minions and you can snag ones from a higher tier

  14. Toki would be much better if they made it so the card added after the re-roll was discovered instead of random.

  15. Yea the trust and safety council are all good people especially ferociouslysteph yea a paragon of the community. If you think all gamers are white supremacists and voice chat is an unfair advantage yea great person

  16. There's too many minions in the pool for her ability to be consistent, it was better before dragons tribe was added

  17. Doesn't stream on wedding day? Absolutely fucked, like he doesn't care about us viewers at all

  18. I've been wondering, what's with the weird camera effects? Are they done in live or is it editing for youtube?

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