TONS OF LEGENDARIES a NEUTRAL WEAPON and MORE!! - Scholomance Academy - Hearthstone Expansion

More new cards are revealed! Many more Legendaries!

Cards in this review:
00:08 — Ras Frostwhisper
02:22 — Groundskeeper
03:55 — Vectus
06:11 — Sphere of Sapience
08:30 — Secret Passage
11:00 — Wandmaker
12:59 — Lorekeeper Polkelt

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Outro Song: Slip by Geographer

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TONS OF LEGENDARIES a NEUTRAL WEAPON and MORE!! — Scholomance Academy — Hearthstone Expansion



33 thoughts on “TONS OF LEGENDARIES a NEUTRAL WEAPON and MORE!! — Scholomance Academy — Hearthstone Expansion

  1. "Druid Can't get another weapon, otherwise it will make the legendary druid weapon stupid in wild"
    Thanks Blizzard

  2. Great video as usual! Hope you’re having a great day.

    Edit: based on the cards I’ve seen I’ve already got a mage deck built leaving places for new cards. Frostehisperer is gonna fit in nicely.

  3. I can't wait to try Malygos Hunter again with Sphere of Sapience. This will help Jepetto's consistency a lot.

  4. For Wandmaker, it can't generate Eye Beam bc it's only 1 mana on outcast. It's base mana cost is 3.

  5. What about the shuffle mechanics on polkelt, like bomb warrior? Card doesn't seem that good

  6. Secret passage is a draw version of evocation, where evocation generates cards, that get discarded th is, draws cards and swaps it back.

  7. The weapon is super powerful for any control deck, tech cards not needed in matchups can be put to the bottom of the deck.
    Think of all the tech cards not included in decks for the sole reason, that you don't wanna draw them in certain matchups. Secret destruction, weapon destruction, skullking geist in wild, the second big draw in druid decks, etc etc, so many cards are 2 ofs for draw consistency, well this weapon is bonkers for control.

  8. I have totally quit HS for LoR at this point and even went as far as uninstalling it, but secret passage aalmost makes me wanna come back hust to play rouge.

  9. So, mage deck with Ras Frostwhisper, Mozaki, Auctioneer and Jepetto. All remaining cards are spells that cost less than two mana, along with Encanters Flow and the Sapience legendary.
    Discount your spells, draw Ras and Mozaki with Jepetto, and miracle your way through your spells. OTK right there

  10. Polkelt is countered by “shuffle in” effects like bombs and Albatross because decks in HS are reshuffled whenever a new card is added, according to Ben Brode a few years ago.

  11. I really dig the power level of all these neutral legendaries. Will hopefully inspire a lot more creativity throughout the meta. Just holding my breath for some good healing to help against an aggro meta.

  12. About Vectus, I dont think it is only for deathrattle deck: it could be cool as a prime generator for example

  13. I have a feeling Polkelt wild end up in a DH tempo deck. DH is already so strong because of consistency, making it more consistent seems so broken. Imagine queueing 2 Hands with outcast in both of them.

  14. Tons of legendary cards blizzard will add in next patch so can someone tell me where can I find a lot of send for the new legendarys?

  15. frostwhisper just looks like a better version of despicable dreadlord which was a great card of course

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