Top 10 Magic Finding Character Builds in Diablo 2

My take on the top 10 magic finding characters in Diablo 2. Thank you Thelch for the necromancer game footage!

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35 thoughts on “Top 10 Magic Finding Character Builds in Diablo 2

  1. Subjective list!!! I tried to be unbiased and take different factors into account! But please let me know if you think I screwed up 🙂
    Also disord link. Hit that up Join the Diablo 2 community 🙂

  2. i never find a hr by myself 😀 only got them using jsp 12 years of diablo lol Oh also act 4 that quest if i remeber right 😀 when you can get gul max

  3. Why is single player drops so scripted… Need to reset the maps to get different drops -_-

  4. My favorite MF Sorceress build is chain light/Orb. Mine has 550MF and a well equipped mercenary. She does very well and ofc an HDIN with 200 — 300 MF is hard to beat.

  5. id swap 2 and 3 because hdin is still pretty effective without enigma and has tons of budget options gear wise

  6. From your own words sounds like the hammerdin should have been swapped with the barb

  7. Hsin is still number 1. The merc doesnt need to use insight. Use ebotdwp. Fastest mfer in game.

  8. You failed to mention that blizz sorc absolutely cannot do chaos sanctuary. For that reason i rank lite sorc 1 and id put blizz sorc 5.

  9. The necro isn't expensive at all. You really don't need Beast or BoTD or even Enigma. All you need is MF gear, a ways to teleport and any high damage weapon on your merc, even something very cheap like Insight is a good weapon due to the critical strike.

  10. Are u joking?????

    First of all, you often say that without Infinity (the most dupe stacked RW….) a character is basically not playable. Second of all…well there is no need for that.

    A Sorc by itself is super strong, and you say that without "insert dupe rw" it will not work properly? What a complete nonsense.

    You show a Blizzard Sorc….with a merc having Infinity. WHY? Why would a merc on a cold sorc wear infinity? That makes no sense whatsoever, other han using your duped runes. It does not even make u pierce cold immunities.

  11. I know your content is older but I just started playing after forever and I'm a little rusty your videos are very informative and helpful thanks got a sub from me

  12. a video for other MF classes would be nice. like the second part. Fire Sorc, Singer Barb, FoH/Holybolt pally (Maus/AT), Frozen Arrow Amazon (AT), Fire Druid (damn I love him!). And among the comments there can be some more. Consider! This one got 100k views.

  13. assa by far my fav
    having so much fun with her
    had a lvl 90 assa on hc 4k life max fade shako eni infy etc
    unkillable since fade so op

  14. i prefer frozen orb sorc, close to blizzard but orb have no cd and u can aim to do more dmg.
    and for for stats shes dont need dex at all taking all dmg in mana shield and this points u could spend in hp/mp
    p.s. wake up 2020 and u still playing d2 :p

  15. I think blizz sorc then hdin then zerker. Hdin only really needs enigma, and can vigor or charge if absolutely necessary and is much easier to play than the zerk, which needs a lot and is limited and harder to play. Also why no love for the metorb or litorb sorc? Dual element largely removes infinity requirement and it's safer than blizzard because orb slows more over a wider area. I would rank them over most any necro, and maybe over javazon, mostly because sorceress is very easy to gear and can farm everywhere pretty easy. Kill speed is slower but not by a huge amount, and just dual spirits and some tal items will tick most your gear boxes. If you can hit decent fcr you can run chancies/frostys/mana after kill then even do something like obedience and treachery for a super effective merc needing nothing really big rune word wise. I find it's one of the cheapest/effective characters or builds in all of d2.

  16. I went old school and did full tals frozen orb… Works pretty well I can get into some pickles but once you get use to how to constantly move and throw orbs it's pretty fast

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