Top 5 BEST META Decks to CLIMB TO LEGEND THIS SEASON! | Standard | Hearthstone

In this video we go over what are the best decks to climb in the hearthstone to get to legend! This lists includes tempo demon hunter, enrage warrior, bomb warrior, spell druid, highlander hunter, and highlander mage. All of these decks are able to you to legend easily!

The discord link is fixed!!!

Demon Hunter:





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33 thoughts on “Top 5 BEST META Decks to CLIMB TO LEGEND THIS SEASON! | Standard | Hearthstone

  1. I hit legend with tempo demon hunter, your guides and tips helped me a lot, i'm glad to be able to Come on the streams, Always great content, keep it up 👍 you deserve the best

  2. mage is the most complete class bro
    we only mage here
    play more mage if u can x)
    love ur content btw

  3. I'm a spell/dragon druid main and I find that priests are the biggest counter to this deck. The amount of removals they have is to insane to deal with

  4. demon hunter is such a boring class….same deck list and everyone plays it …such skill , hopefully someone with nerf that op 5 mana weapon 😀 / nice video 🙂

  5. Hit legend this friday with your HL Hunter list (just added boompistol bully and blowtorch saboteur). Very good deck and you can beat DH with a good mulligan.

  6. Hi, bro! I am only a Diamond Player, but your tips and videos helps me a lot! Thank u só much. Maybe one day I can get legend.

  7. My apologies Rarran, but your deck codes in description are not consistent with the decks you are showing into your video
    Maybe you have mixed up codes?
    for example: Control (Fib) warrior is not mentioned — only enrage and bomb
    Spell druid: deck code is different to the dragon build you showed
    Just some positive feedback 🙂

  8. In your demon hunter deck you play brawler and vulpera. But in the code you have diffrent cards like spectral sight and mana burn. Which is the more consistent right now?

  9. Rarran — noticed quite a few discrepancies between the description and the deck code — for example, no control warrior and the druid is an old list without claw.

  10. Love the video! Quick question for you, do you prefer enrage or bomb warrior in the current meta? I see the value in the bomb with all the highlander decks but the enrage list feels so strong in general. Thanks

  11. I’d love to see a vid where you make use of Magtheridon, since the other one you added him but never actually played him.

  12. Played Spell Druid to climb today and I’ll note that Ysera isn’t even needed until you’re in a control-heavy meta. In early ranks just use any big dragon before you bother crafting her.

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