Top 5 Decks SO FAR in Ashes of Outland - Hearthstone Expansion

DECK CODES IN DESCRIPTION — these are some of the standout decks from the first week. Demon Hunters got nerfed but they’re still SUPER good! CAREFUL CRAFTING

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Orange’s R1 Legend OTK Demon Hunter:


Bequiet’s R8 Legend Spell Druid:


NoHandsGamer’s R4 Legend Eggro Warrior:


Gallon’s R3 Legend Zoo Warlock:


Zlsjs’ R15 Legend Galakrond Warlock:




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Top 5 Decks SO FAR in Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone Expansion



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45 thoughts on “Top 5 Decks SO FAR in Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone Expansion

  1. I really enjoyed Spell Druid last night! I made a few of those tweaks suggested!

  2. Galakrond warlock is the standard version of quest mage in Wild. Horribly overpowered with little to no counter play.

  3. Just hit platinum 10 with Galakrond-secret Rogue after not playing manual hearthstone since the last expansion. Pretty fun deck, and I had most of the cards (& a ton of dust), but I am still low on ranks.

  4. it seems that you didnt had the energy to present this like your usual casualness

  5. I find it irritating how he shows random cards from the decks that he is not talking about.

  6. I am ranking with a Galakrond Shaman I made, went from platinum 10 to platinum 2, rank continues later💪🏾

  7. Just found out you can Scrap Imp turn 2, when it awakens on turn 4 you can use Maiev on it and when it awakens again it applies more buffs. This opens up some new strats for me with all of the Dormant minions.

  8. I wanna know why the Eggro warrior deck didn’t play the warrior prime? Wouldn’t that be really good in the deck?

  9. pls dekks, make the video 10 min long and double your ad revenue, you deserve some extra $$ for all your work

  10. I'm having the most fun I've had in literally years, in this meta. I don't find Demon Hunters to be nearly as cancerous as shit like Odd Paladin or Quest Res Priest, two decks that literally made me quit the game for very long periods of time because I absolutely refused to play against that cancer. But now I've come back with a cancer of my own. I'm very fortunate that I had tens of thousands of dust and crafted what is probably the most ludicrously expensive deck in the history of the game, Highlander Rogue. And I love it. It is absolute chaos, every single game plays out wildly different than the last. I love these Kibler-type decks that use tons of discovery and other classes' cards.

  11. Eventho people will hate me for this: But old Galakrond Rogue (not a single new card) deserves a spot in here. Just hit Legend with an ~ 75% WR from D5. Only bad Matchup is Druid. U got good shots against DH and u crush WL / Mage / Priest almost all the time. I know its boring not to play innovative stuff, but it is successful none the less.

  12. I'm currently trying to make my good ol highlander pally work again
    So far doing pretty good on diamond ranks (like 60% winrate) but i'm having way too much trouble against DH. Any advice?

  13. Been bouncing around between galakrond warlock and spell mage. Gala warlock is really strong but if feels like everyone is playing it and playing against better, big and spell druid are anoying bs.

    Spell mage is entertaining, keep pulling wins from nowhere against most decks.

  14. Surprised to not see face hunter here when it counters all these decks except zoo

  15. Good decks but priest can beat them all, especially demon hunters… even without hysteria 😀

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