Top 5 Mods for Diablo II

Making my return to youtube again, I hope you all like this video it’s been a while so I hope it’s up to standard. More to come in the near future as I hope to upload on a semi-regular basis this year. Hit the subscribe button if you want to see more content. Any criticism is more than welcome and please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see or I can do better. I hope you enjoy and stick around for more Diablo II content.

Mods with official websites listed in this video:
PlugY official website:
Median XL official website:
Path of Diablo official website:


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26 thoughts on “Top 5 Mods for Diablo II

  1. I've been thinking of playing D2 again just a question since I'm new to this are these stand alone clients or do i need the client of D2/Expansion to use this mods?

  2. Can mods work together? Like plugy or Eastern Sun or perfect drop? Median is too big and most likely incompatible with anything else.

  3. Hi Korha T,i very like mod Diablo II Eastern Sun,do u have it?can give me link dowload full plz,tks so much.

  4. All I really want is a hotkey bar. I've never played Diablo 2 and I really want to get into it. I got so used to the 1-0 hotkeys in games like Grim Dawn that I cannot get into the left mouse right mouse and function key bindings of Diablo.

  5. I was playing long time ago diablo 2 with monsters from baldurs gate or neverwinter nights cant remember the mods name. Somebody knows? Help

  6. #5: PlugY — storage space mod, often used by other mods. also offers world events and runewords in single player.
    #4: perfect drop mod: increases drops
    #3: eastern sun —
    #2: Path of Diablo — similar but not completely different. also has multiplayer. some new items and skills.
    #1: Median XL

    personally, I disagree with this list.

  7. I am really sad that they stop'd the progress of Zy-El… it had quite unique charms on its own with unreachable endgame and HARD… ENDLESS….rewarding grinds!

  8. "Sometimes Diablo 2 can become stale and boring."

    Homeboy, your lack of enthusiasm for this video is stale and boring.

  9. I love median xl. Only found out about it a year or so ago and just like when i was as a kid I can't walk away from it

  10. buenas esta bueno tu video pero quisiera saber si compartieras los hechizos esos de trasformarte en diablo o ball o en los antiguos del monte arreat que lo pasaras por mediafire. ya que e estado buscando videos de conseguir descargas del personaje para tener ellos

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