Top Budget Galakrond Rogue! |  Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

Galakrond decks make some of the best budget decks due to the power level of Galakrond and the Invoke mechanic. Rogue has proven to be the top Galakrond deck and is found throughout ladder and competitive play. Even with this being a Budget version, it still stands tall on the field of battle.

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20 thoughts on “Top Budget Galakrond Rogue! | Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

  1. I think the 2 mana minion that gains 1/1 and rush if you have a card from another class is good in this deck

  2. idk if you're meming WoW players, but it's 'rogue' 😀 had to learn it the hard way also..

    edit: your beard is fire, love it

  3. He met Kronx down in old Galakrond Rouge
    Struttin' his stuff on the street
    He said, "Hello, hey Rob! You wanna give it a go?"🎶😩

  4. Really fun deck to play and cheap aswell. Good job on making it. Is there a way to put “Bazaar burglary” in this deck and with what should it be replaced?

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