Top Custom Cards of the Week #70 - I Know A Guy Meme-a-Ton Special | Card Review | Hearthstone

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27 thoughts on “Top Custom Cards of the Week #70 — I Know A Guy Meme-a-Ton Special | Card Review | Hearthstone

  1. What about if "A Guy" is played repeatedly, it would replace more discover minions? So if you play it three times over the course of a game, all minion discovery cards only show three "A Guys". I would assume, that would be a drawback?

  2. Obviously, Noah should give you two copies of the card! Would be a little better and fiting the “Arche-type“ 😉

  3. 3:28 I did not expect Desktop Dungeons art to appear here of all places in the current year of 2020.
    Check it out. It's a great game, very similar in tone to Hearthstone (whimsical and memey).

  4. I know a few guys… 1 mana, discover a Taunt minion, if ur board is empty, add all 3 to your hand

  5. I know a guy who knows a guy. . . ‘I know a guy’ is almost useful as a way to include ‘creatures’ in a mostly creature-less deck. ‘I know a guy who knows a guy’ could get crazy with Bolster. ‘A Guy’ is pretty funny after all the other ‘guy’ cards. ‘I know you’ should be made. . . But perhaps Trump’s wisdom should prevail.

  6. Ive very upset i didnt get to make my card "wait, I know that guy" but my stuff never gets upvited

  7. Kayn should be the warriors card
    They nerf the charge and warsong commander and now this? WTF

  8. Should’ve done
    “I know a guy and he owes me a favor” discover a taunt and discount by 2

  9. "I know a Tie"
    Secret: When one of your minions is destroyed by an enemy minion, destroy that minion"

  10. 0:25 What about "I Knew Two Guys, Now i Don't".
    Discover Two Taunt minions from the past, give them Rush and Reborn , they die at the end of the turn they played.
    2 Mana.

  11. @5:45 I mean you could also just have "I Will Know A Guy" discover from a set pool of futuristic THEMED Taunt guys which aren't and won't be actual cards.
    MTG did that once with singular cards with mechanics that never came to exist in those forms or with those keywords.

  12. i think 'from the past' and 'from the future' imply 'died this game' and 'in your deck' respectively, rather than from expansions

  13. The artwork on the Noah card looked really cool. Reminds me of old style MTG art. Maybe it should be 'discover a beast and give it taunt'.

  14. Oh, so are Epics niche cards? Imagine not playing Warglaives of Azzinoth in every DH deck 😂

  15. Hey You Guys! — Warrior 1-mana common spell — The next minion you play has taunt, rush and is a pirate in addition to it's types.

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