Top Custom Cards of the Week #74 - TRUMP WAS WRONG! | Hearthstone

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40 thoughts on “Top Custom Cards of the Week #74 — TRUMP WAS WRONG! | Hearthstone

  1. How is Muradin that OP? Compare it to Brann, it plays Twisting Nether instead of summoning King Krush, a slightly weaker effect compensated with a little more stats.

    Edit: I think Trump is really off the mark here, he does realise it's a highlander card right? Seems like he doesn't compare it to any other Highlander cards in power level. Maybe a little strong but think it's silly to say it should cost 10 mana and it's too strong at that still.

  2. Leeroy seems fine, it says Quest, not side quest. And super aggro deck that make Leeroy unfun usually can't afford to complete a quest and have a dead card in hand until then. It sure as hell is weaker than sky captain kragg.

  3. Trump: Great, I've just finished recording this week's custom cards video and shipped the footage off to jnzane and now it's time to take a big sip of coffee and go check the hearthstone subreddit

  4. Trump needs to add a design rating to blizzards new cards because I think he's right about the tutoring card.

  5. The pala card is not too weak. most of theese Palaspells are worth at least one Mana, so you get 4 minions and around 4 mana worth of spells on top of it. Also in wild there are strong synergies with that kind of stuff.

  6. Isn't that custom Leeroy significantly weaker since it gains Charge through it's battlecry? Meaning no resurrect shenanigans, Warrior can copy but no one plays quest warrior and sure [Toxic Reinforcements] is easy to complete but you still have to draw and play that card and then wait 3 turns otherwise you just have a 5 mana 6/2 minion with no effect. The only class I'd worry about is rogue since they can [Shadow Step] but even then Quest Rouge isn't viable in the current meta (unfortunately).

  7. I think Trump just don't want new mechanics that could prob broke the game
    like the draw high or low mana cost cards.

  8. Muradin closer resembles Lord Godfrey or Keli'dan the Breaker. IDK why he chose deathwing to compare; especially when deathwing isnt even played, so a better deathwing isnt OP.

    Bottom line: Muradin isnt OP at all, as long as it has the highlander requirement. even tho warrior doesnt really have any highlander cards yet (besides the neutral ones)

  9. I really dont think Muradin Bronzebeard is in any sense way too powerful. I think it is op but fair just like the other reno cards. The original effect is less flexible than brawl with a higher mana cost that force you to play the “throw away card” trump mentions. And the effect without duplicate is pretty op but considering the deck restriction and comparing cards like the hunter 7 mana Brann and lord Godfrey it seems pretty fair if you wanna push the reno warrior deck archetype.

  10. Isnt the warrior brawl card essentially just a kellidan the breaker for more mana and arguably a more detrimental downside?

  11. Scholomance Academy is having quite a lot of cards that Trump would rate 1 star design, trump woud SPECIALLY hate that one card that has a different effect depending on which board you're playing in

  12. I actually disagree with Trump on Muradin Bronzebeard. I think it's really strong, even overpowered for now, but with the power creep curve currently going on in Hearthstone I could see it within a year easily, especially since it has the deck design drawback, especially if warrior (or control warrior) ends up in a weak spot, ESPECIALLY after the other singleton payoffs rotate. It's not ludicrously overpowered, just plain overpowered, and like usual, the meta wants cards that are fundamentally slightly overpowered in the right combinations.

  13. When the first card was shown, and before he started talking about it, my mind was in scholomance mode and I thought waxtabber was a real card.

  14. Why do I feel like the people on CustomHearthstoneCards or whatever it’s called upvote some cards they think are bad just to watch Trump tear them apart?

  15. I think you just made up the "Blank" Of Gul'dan cycle considering that Skull Of Gul'dan was printed at 5 mana, then had to be nerfed for being absurd. They just happen to line up now.

  16. Lorekeeper Polkelt’s effect can be disrupted by card shuffling effects (like bombs). Whenever a card is shuffled into a deck, the entire deck gets shuffled. That hero power can’t be disrupted, and it has the benefit of providing the choice of the lower cost card so you can have playable turns before you draw your high cost cards.

  17. today on Trump can't read: Trump thinks the words Quest and Sidequest are the same words!

  18. to give a little bonus to muradin — You win the brawl, not muradin wins the brawl … so i can say that if Your side has no minions its ok.. mura wins… but for example if You have 2 other minions its Your win but mura has 1/3 for survival … so it is not clearly specified description 😛

  19. when trump talks about how good warlock would be if they had easy to access life gain little did he know like polkelt that warlocks AND DEMON HUNTER get soul fragments which give easy life gain to warlocks 🙂

  20. Muradin Bronzebeard would be balanced if there was a neutral card that can shuffle 2 cards in the bottom of the opponents deck

  21. You say Paladin doesn't need heal, then why do they have 2 cards from descent of dragons that heals, they have a 2 mana spell that heals 4 and draws a card, lightforged blessing… Paladin has many different deck archetypes. To say Paladin doesn't need heal, is like saying Warlock doesn't need card draw.

  22. I hope they eventually put out a way to draw a specific of your choice card from your deck, so you can get reno or other cards exactly when you need them and have less of a chance at loseing to rng draws

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