Top Custom HUGE MINIONS | Hearthstone

It’s time to review more custom cards that were created by the RegisKillbin community, and this time around they had to be BIG BOIS.

Get all the details and submit your card for Custom Card Review #36 here:


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Custom Card Review | Hearthstone | Top Custom HUGE MINIONS


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30 thoughts on “Top Custom HUGE MINIONS | Hearthstone

  1. Double glow stone technician + Ever growing Ooze = 1024 attack, 3125 health card. What the hell

  2. I think a lot of players would run Ozumat because so many classes have ways to cheat out their minions from their hands and decks

  3. None of these would ever be printed, so it takes away any enjoyment I got from this video. They are all basically have removal or immediately lose on the spot. That’s terrible game design, and is paramount to printing WIN THE GAME on all of them.

  4. @4:34 You can play Ungoro on turn 4 if you played Rogue

  5. Imagine letting a 5 drop live against an evolve shaman just to see it become Azeroth on turn 6

  6. I think the "RUSH" is useless bcause that battlecry it self is doing an attack. If we give rush to Deathwing Mad Aspect (for example using goblin lackey) the deathwing can't attack with rush the time it played.

  7. Ever growing ooze with shudderwok and bronze beard…… I’ll pick up the soap

  8. on the subject of cards that have effects like ozumat, 12:59, what happens if you have a board with six minions on it?

  9. Put the 0/32 minion in Battlegrounds, pick Daryl and have a Golden Brann. Number explosion. Still lose to Divine Shield Poisonous Murlocs.

  10. Tedur The untaimed should include attack through immune or something. If you play paladins card that makes your hero immune for 3 mana

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