Trial by Felfire Chapter 1: Making Friends | Adventure | Hearthstone

Ashes of Outland’s solo adventure is out so of course I had to play it!
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41 thoughts on “Trial by Felfire Chapter 1: Making Friends | Adventure | Hearthstone

  1. This adventure really gave me the feel of connecting with the outcasts we recruit

  2. there's a third way of killing Baltharak: fill your hand with lynxes, then play a whole bunch of them followed by edwin. dead by turn 9 🙂

  3. When I started the first chapter I read the Inquisitor hero power "Destroy a friendly minion and active his deathrattle" and I was like "what? Isn't this just 'destroy a friendly minion?' WTF?" then when the game started I finally saw the TWICE there…

  4. Prepare yourselves

    They’ll be riming the WHOLE time

    Awesome solo adventure though you can play the whole thing for yourself so there’s no spoilers!

  5. Do people rly enjoy these quests. Personaly i pref those deck building game play dungeon Run

  6. Not gonna lie… I found those rhymes very irritating.
    They make the story a tad harder to follow and don't flow well enough to warrant it.

  7. Why do I feel so proud when I realize that I beat all 5 chapters before the famous youtubers even started to do the adventure?

  8. I didn't even know you can mill Karnuk, I thought he was always put on your side even when milled. Guess this is classic Trump to you.

    On a side note, I'm the only one who wish her "original" portrait was given as a rogue alternate hero? Since they made the DH a paid one instead of making it what you get for completing the adventure, that would have been a nice extra, but I guess is too much for Blizzad' capitalist hivemind.

  9. The Infectious Sporeling was the MVP in my Baltharak fight. When taunted by the little guy (whose name I don't remember) it would just turn all of his demons into infectious sporelings, which I'd throw other things at to copy back to my own and deny him the heals until I built a big enough board to kill him!

  10. i did this today. Took me 2 tries to beat the last guy. That +10 heal was annoying.

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