Trial by Felfire Chapter 2: Visiting Illidan | Adventure | Hearthstone

The feel good adventure full of rhymes continues in this episode where we visit the Black Temple!
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♬ Kevin MacLeod
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36 thoughts on “Trial by Felfire Chapter 2: Visiting Illidan | Adventure | Hearthstone

  1. Pro tip: If the guys pulls out the 1/2 ooze and you have boosts and healing, don't kill the ooze, it'll fill up the board so he can't recruit anymore and you can get out with only 7 damage a turn

  2. Not to be mean, but I fail to comprehend why this adventure exists. It's ridiculously easy and brings no new cards to Standard. Why does this exist?

  3. I think the most players here have already completed the adventure and are just waiting for their packs 🙂

  4. Now I can't see the Deteriorate card without thinking in his voice "Is that hard coded?!"

  5. 23:35
    If the game doesn't want you to draw that companion why does it give it as a choice and then give you the wrong card?
    Nithogg was given taunt by the companion and the game forgot to take the taunt away when the eggs spawned and pushed him. wtf are these bugs and how do they happen.

  6. I think Blizzard must have had a take-your-kid-to-work day and the Hearthstone devs had all the 3rd graders write a bunch of rhymes for them. So bad…

  7. This adventure seems pretty fun. I actually like the rhymes, the battles and the characters…

  8. I finished the first chapter before I updated the game and because of this I can’t complete the quest that came out, I have now finished the story but it saids I need to complete the first chapter for my reward

  9. Trump is out of it… So many mistakes done. >.< Too much "Battlegrounds" maybe?

  10. "If you don't refuel you probably always lose" I don't think I even drew that when I played that mission

  11. i did the felstorm fight while i was watching and all i did was push the button and i won. fight was really easy

  12. 24:35 Does Trump not notice that the card he draws is clearly not the one he picked, or is he just so nonchalant that he rolls with it like it's nothing?

  13. The first boss was pure madness. I just relized that I had to kill him real fast or The 5/5 that heal will swarm your board

  14. Against the felstorm run …i never refilled and i was winning this easy.. Well i think i got lucky because ive drawn 2 boosts haha

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