TRIPLE BARON = UNSTOPPABLE - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The most overpowered golden card in the Battlegrounds is none other than Baron Rivendare.
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46 thoughts on “TRIPLE BARON = UNSTOPPABLE — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Kripp — causally passes over triple brann
    Me — is at 20 hp on 8 gold fishing for a single soul juggler

  2. New Zealand is on stage 4 lock down for a month starting tomorrow. I’m gonna be a battle grounds god by the end!

  3. I had a battle earlier today w a golden baron and i had to leave to use the toilet- there was four players left when I went afk — I could hear the battles and timer reset from my bathroom. When I returned I had eliminated all other players. That was five games not buying or doing anything and still beating the other players… I actually felt a bit sorry for the opposition. I was shitting through the finals of the game, and I still won…

  4. I think it's undeniable that Cobalt is too good. I think the reason we haven't seen them remove or nerf it yet is that they're probably trying to come up with a way to buff mechs alongside a change. Just straight up removing or heavily nerfing cobalt right now would turn mechs into nothing. You would no longer be able to "build mechs" as a tribe.

  5. blightnozzle crawler could be a mech in battlegrounds
    (4 mana 2/4 deathrattle summon 1/1 with poision)

  6. I kept trying to move my mouse to get the colbalt scalebane off the screen >_<

  7. NERFS are generally bad unless the card is absolutely broken. Cobalt isn't broken at 3 there's nothing wrong with it being good in a bunch of builds. Buff other cards to make them better rather than nerfing imo.

  8. New 6 Star Mech: Venomizer 2/2 Poisonous Magnetic. Just imagine a late game board with Foereapers and Cobalts with DivineShield+Poisonous. Should be stronger than Murlocs.

  9. Careful with that extra toilet paper Kripp! When people get hungry you know they're gonna need toilet paper

  10. kripp: "yeah triple barons not really fair, i thought i was going to lose but instead i hit him for almost an entire health bar"

    yeah before hearthstone showed who had how many of what types in battlegrounds i always found out who was the deathrattle build by how inconsistent there damage was

    i know i failed english

  11. Sky Claw could maybe work as a 3 drop replacement for Cobalt for mech. Maybe adjust it to a 2/3 that spawns only a single 1/1 so you don't get Chadgar/Brann gold generation shenanigans.

  12. Instructions unclear
    Buys "The Beast" as the Deathrattle for Baron build

  13. listening to what you say when you are addressing your chat room people, it's pretty clear that you are an insufferable brat of a human being.


  15. I'd just like to point out that he got pretty much perfect RNG up until 9 gold, crazy stuff

  16. To be honest the lightfangs carried Kripp throughout the middle game. That +3 to all minions sometimes at the start of the round wasn't strong at all, the lightfangs gave more relevant stats each turn, and they actually stayed there forever.

    There is often not enough room to actually spawn deathrattle minions in multiple numbers.
    Also, if barron gets sniped you insta lose.

    Kripp could've had triple lightfang and triple bran, and that would've produced much better results. Same story with only triple bran or only triple lightfang.

    Also, opponents didn't develop super strong boards, but it happens sometimes.

    Don't get me wrong, I learn a lot from Kripps videos, but barron is eh, IMO. Not scalable, too RNG dependant.

  17. yo at like 5 mins krip says "i was lucky wasn't supposed to win that one" so people who complain about krip always saying how unlucky he is and never commenting on his luck can see him comment on his luck

  18. I really appreciate the editing done on these videos. Its the perfect length for my lunch break while still being entertaining and informative about the meta of the game. Thanks Kripp

  19. Spawn of N'Zoth is shit, it's boring.
    Cobalt is not a problem.
    Kripp is bad.

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