TRIPLE BRANN = NO FUN?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The new meta forces shorter game lengths, and here I am with a triple Brann once again…
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25 thoughts on “TRIPLE BRANN = NO FUN?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. getting tripple brann is not about having fun, its taking the fun out of your opponent when they sees it

  2. you are so fucking lucky ! not for the 3branu… ur just to damn lucky for even making those type of boards ! and dont tell me its skill. there is no SKILL to be involved here, just pure luck

  3. I got a tripple brann when there still was 5 other players left alive. Getting is so early is so broken it's insane, all my murlocs had 100+ health w/ divine shield and poisonous

  4. You always seem to post these vids when something similar happens to me, except I actually got to use my Triple Brann. I had a bunch of mixed minions and pushed to Tier 5 not knowing where my build was gonna end up. As soon as I hit Tier 5, I got 3 Brann's in 2 rolls. I sold everything I had and immediately went Murlocs. I Taunted everything with Megasaur and grabbed all the Murlocs and Strongshell Scavengers that came up. Every person I played I did 18-22 damage and knocked them all out 1 game after another, except first place. He had 23 HP and I did 22, but he conceded and I played a ghost. lol.

  5. jesus you know kripp is a true boomer who cant do simple maths when the first thing he thinks is that he lost when he saw the recruit.

  6. kripp: why do i never get to have any fun with tripled brann?!
    meanwhile me: rerolls for 10 turns after tier 5 and doesn't even get a single brann

  7. I got a golden Primalfin today with an golden Brann on board, my turn was over before I could play anything and I lost, feels bad man

  8. Well truth be told, just triple bran today but with a dragon build , he was pretty useless, but thanks to that i got the divine shield’lady with that triple and went 1st place

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