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41 thoughts on “Trump's Ashes of Outland ⭐ Ratings: Demon Hunter | Hearthstone

  1. Trump- says the 2 mana demon hunter murloc card is 5 stars and is just fine to play as a 3/2 , gives 5 stars
    Also Trump — says sightless watcher is 2 star and that a 2 mana 3/2 with a good effect just doesn't cut it ….

  2. the thing about Kayn is that you can use him as a control card against aggressive decks like mech paladin that use things like Air Raid to protect a more important card and Kayn can by bass small protector taunts to kill the knife juggler or what have you

  3. I love the way you broke this one down by archetype. You probably do this in your head all the time, but describing it like this really made your ratings easy to understand. Hope you can do more rating vids like that.

  4. I love the balancing in DH it is perfectly Balanced. Of course the cards are insane but when DH will rise it will be always checked by sac pact Zoo and facehunter.

  5. Notice there are 0 4 star cards. If anyone says trump is an idiot for doing 5 instead of 4, he probably said that the card is less powerful but still good

  6. Demon hunter is nothing for me but better help cards for my zephrys. I don't care about this class.

  7. I wish they would've printed 1 or 2 more big demons. Big demon hunter looks like it could be really fun.

  8. Shadowhoof Slayer is way underrated imo. I think it's at least a 4 star cards that can see a lot of plays in most DH cards.

  9. I always appreciate your star ratings. Other content creators waste so much time saying useless things or not fully understanding the potential of a card. Where as you say your insights concisely and have good insights on the potential of a card.

  10. HAHAHA I just love you.
    The other video you went "don't you hate when youtubers go like 'watch the whole video to find out!', I'm not like this"!
    Instead you make another even bigger scumbag move in this one "go watch the othrt videos! 😏" 😂😂❤️❤️

  11. Trumps logic is baffling
    Sigil runner: 5 stars. It's not as good as you think it is
    2 mana 3/2 battlecry look at 3 cards in your deck: 2 stars. It's not terrible
    Ashtongue battlelord: 5 stars. It might have a place in the deck I put it in


  12. Paying 6 mana to cheat a demon isn’t saving you that much?

    “Yes, oh yes…they’ll serve me now!”

  13. Skull of guldan needs to be made legendary. If it was a custom card trump would give it 2 stars "Its OP and the flavor fails. Why do you have his skull when guldan is your opponent ? Also how do you have two of his skull? 2 stars!"

  14. Charge is uninteractive and not fun, therefore we are replacing it with rush.
    AlL FrIeNdLy AtTacKs IgNoRe TaUnt

  15. Turn 7 , thing awakes, Kayn, I choose death….
    Demonhunter will ruin Hearthstone , don't @ me

  16. Minor nitpick, but "Crimson Sigil Runner" is a runner who works for the Crimson Sigil, not a Crimson person who runs sigils. Seen literally every streamer pronouncing his name wrong, lol. The Crimson Sigil was a faction of Blood Elves who were loyal to Illidan over Kael in TBC, and were the ones guarding the Black Temple in Outland.

  17. He keeps saying that it is WRONG to draw your cards first….. WHAT? Did he finally truly become a madman? If you KNOW you are going to draw x cards no matter what you play, then you should draw the extra cards now because there is a chance that your 'finalized' play will change since you drew something better. Drawing your cards last never gives you this option.


  18. Watching his reviews of all the classes for this set, I've noticed that trump isn't really reviewing the cards in most cases. He rates the deck that the card would most likely be played in. These videos are essentially Trump's meta predictions, rather than reviews of the individual cards

  19. Because of the mana cheat it’s definitely right to play Skull of Gul’dan from the right in most decks that run it. If you draw 3 3 mana cards you can immediately play them, making it actually crazy tempo.

  20. Trump: Kayn Sunfury is overrated.
    Trump in Cobolds&Catacombs card rating video: Crorridor Creeper? Its a 1 star card… 😀

  21. Warglaves 1 star? hahaha… i guess he doesn't know you can hit face with them several times a turn

  22. Mostly agree with this. Just 1 disagreement. Warglaives Of Azzinoth is pretty good combined with satyr overseer. Just constantly attack at minions and you get a good army of satyrs. Unless the enemy has a spell that takes out alot of enemies this is pretty good. Its just my oppinion but thats how I beat Cenarius who was impossible to actually beat until I found that strategy.

  23. Why does he say “don’t forget to draw last”? Is t it hearthstone fundamental to draw first then do something?

  24. Hi, I am a new Chinese dude who just subscribed your channel! I like DemonHunter as hell and I love your video too! Good job trump. It would be better if there was Chinese subtitle because of my poor English O(∩_∩)O。I have broken the Great Wall to see you, although if the police find out Im gonna be fucked up… Anyway, make my trip worth of it! Jia you!

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