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32 thoughts on “Trump's Ashes of Outland ⭐ Ratings: Druid / Hunter / Mage | Hearthstone

  1. Trump : suggest to get highlander mage mage for the free deck
    Also trump : 1 star or 3 star for all mages cards in this expansion, and highlander weak to demon face hunter

    XD wonder if anyone will be a little bit salty

  2. Trump i gotta say i feel youre gonna be in a bunch of "they got it so wrong" compilation "these cant fit in the current best deck. 1 star." …good thing metas never change when expansions come out… Right?

  3. "These cards suck cuz they dont work with highlander" "highlander is worse now due to aggro" almost like blizzard wants diversity so they are gonna help new decks work…hmm…

  4. Your review of Imprisoned Satyr is flawed, you can’t hit a minion you just drew with it.

    Also, Germination fits into Malygos Druid as it’s the best way to get multiple Malygeese.

  5. The top meta decks in a year: Highlander Rogue, Highlander Hunter, Highlander Mage, Highlander Warrior, Highlander Demon Hunter, Highlander Druid, Highlander Priest, Highlander Paladin, Highlander Warlock and Highlander Shaman.

  6. I'm a hunter main, and I think Trump really nailed the hunter ratins. Doesn't mean I won't try handbuff but yeah these aren't awesome cards.

  7. Just an FYI that it’s really hard to see the cards on mobile when they’re placed so many on the screen that small. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  8. Evocation is the most 5 star card I've ever seen (but admittedly I'm mostly looking at it from the perspective of wild, which I know you're not). Thanks for the review!

  9. I'm going out on a limb and gonna say Nagrand Slam is the sleeper pick of the set. For one big reason: If you play it on when the opponent's board is empty board it's 12 face damage. Assuming hunter is in a decent place in the upcoming meta I think we'll all be groaning from Nagrand Slam to the face.

  10. I think that all cards that fit into Reno decks should get 1 star knocked down from them since the archetype carries a lot of bad cards on the back of Reno-like cards.

  11. Trump missed obvious Ysiel combos:
    Ysiel — Innervate — Concede will be a classic
    and Ysiel — Germination for 2nd Ysiel — Concede just as much

  12. None of those druid cards define or do much for the decks you think they will be slotting into. Maybe token druid. Otherwise those tiered decks existed before this.

  13. Half the minions in embiggen can't be targeted anyways so wtf is germination gonna do? Lol

  14. Mark my words, satyr and Ysiel will make a tier 1 druid deck. A lot of these streamers are chatting out of their backsides, and their followers… well lets say they're "followers" for a reason.

  15. I like Trump, I think he's got good insights but again he is wrong for the druid cards. Same way he was so sure that a Treant druid wouldnt be a T1 deck in DoD, he is vastly underrating Ysiel and Satyr here.

  16. Ysiel at the very least reads to me as 10 Mana, 5/5 draw 3 cards, seeing as how awkward playing Nourish can be. Not to mention that the effect is good if it sticks around, so pseudotaunt. It might sound like win-more tho. Also i think Quest Druid can truly pull some stunts with this one. I hope i'll pull this one, so i can at least test some very wishful builds =)

  17. I think evocation isn't that good if you run it your deck but if you discover it and have an apprentice on board it's literally a game winner

  18. Put English auto captions on and start the video: "it's the madman fucking my druid hunter and mage"… Lol

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