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44 thoughts on “Trump's Ashes of Outland ⭐ Ratings: Neutrals | Hearthstone

  1. Trump: Kel'thas Sunstrider, 3 stars, didn't even break anything

    Every wild player: getting OTKd on turn 4 by Kel'thas miracle druid left and right. Kel'thas is 6 stars in wild. Also ultimate gild grinder deck

  2. How is Waste Warden a 1 star card? If any "tribe" package (pirate, murloc, elemental, etc..) becomes decent enough to be playable it's an auto include tech card. It's still decent against decks that don't rely 100% on tribes but still play some kind of tribe package (galakrond rogue has a bunch of pirates, galakrond warrior has a bunch of dragons, galakrond warlock has a bunch of demons, etc…)

  3. when will you look at agalkrond card star ratings again? imj excited for that

  4. Bonechew brawler makes sense in imbigen druid instead of injored talver. Witch peapole keep running for some reason. Also in hilander hunter? I guess 2 drops are lacking.

  5. Trump, you totally missed the new priest class cards. i was just wondering where those cards fall on the spectrum of power

  6. Nobody gonna point out Ethereal Augmerchant is the cheapest +1 spell dmg in the game? Just saying, could be used for a nice combo… probably a meme though…

  7. Trump, do you think Murloc paladin has a shot this expansion or is shaman the only go to Murloc deck in your opinion? Paladin seems to have a lot of useful tools now and even has the dragon that gives murlocs divine shield. Powerful stuff.

  8. hey trump can u post some awsome new control decks when ashes of outland comes i love control decks i wanna see to have a chance agains these rush decks or aggro.

  9. Seriously disappointed with the neutral legendaries of this set. Magtheridon and Teron are awfully niche and not even strong enough to single-handedly carry a game even in dedicated decks, Al'ar is a joke and Maiev is decent but pretty damn boring and not even that impactful most of the time. Kael'thas CAN be a powerful build-around, but that seems to lean towards just being Miracle versions of whatever class he's slotted into and, again, not that strong in Standard.

  10. Why is no one comparing Magtheridon to Deathwing? Destroy all minions and summon a 12/12. Only instead of having to discard your whole hand, you just have to have a clear for 3 1/3 minions. I still don't know if it's good, but it seems like a favorable comparison to me.

  11. I'll definitely use that spell damage merchant. Give mana reservoir spell damage 2. Give it a banana or two and it's an actual issue for anyone

  12. So the worry I have for Maiev is that she is very comparable to spell breaker. The HOF card. In most situations she’d be much better and in some spell breaker would be better. And no one ran spell breaker in their decks. So what if she is a little bit better? I don’t know if it’s enough. We’ll have to see.

  13. The free golden legendary from pre order, can it be a card you already have (From pre opening)? Or does that follow the one legendary rule?

  14. I think Infectious Sporeling is better than Trump makes it out to be. With Trumps rating system could still be 1 star, but he's underselling it.

  15. I'm definitely gonna try to find a spot for Rustsworn Cultist in my Quest Hunter deck. The stickiness is pretty helpful since the deck struggles with having minions not get wiped.

  16. Hey you know what's better than making one of your opponents minions dormant for 2 turns? Basically any hard removal.

  17. Interesting how for this set most of the neutrals aren't that good. The class cards are all insane and Demon Hunter is overshadowing everything else.

  18. rocket augmerchant + infectious sporeling = ez 2 mana removal without triggering deathrattles 😀

  19. Magtheridon sucks if you cant cant kill all the wardens on the round played….all it takes is one lackey to transform one of the Wardens into something else and you have a Magtheridon that can never become un-dormant…it will only register 2 killed wardens at that point for the rest of the game.

  20. Wait if you Rocket Augmerchant your Infectious Sporeling you can create a taunt/big minion great removal

  21. I've been using Al'ar in my highlander mage and it's proved really tricky to remove, especially against Demon Hunter.

    They're sacrificing a decent chunk of their removal to get rid of the 7/3 then the 0/3 which leads my more powerful minions and if they don't clear it then the process repeats again!

  22. Calling Rustworn initiate a 2 mana 3/3 is like calling candle taker a 3 mana 6/3 (candle taker is 3/2 divine shield worth of stats, which can be called somewhere around 3/4)

  23. mfw Al'ar is the legendary I got from my first 10 packs, mfw all my rogue decks rotated out, mfw I only have 2k dust…

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