Trump's 👑 TOP 10 👑 Ashes of Outland Cards | Hearthstone

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In a Tier 1 deck OR defines Tier 2 deck OR Multiple decks
In a Tier 2 deck OR Multiple Tier 3 decks
In a Tier 3 deck OR occasional tech card
At some point in at least 1% of decks according to HSReplay in a 14 day timeframe OR it placed highly in a competitive tournament



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♬ Kevin MacLeod
♬ Ronald Jenkees


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44 thoughts on “Trump's 👑 TOP 10 👑 Ashes of Outland Cards | Hearthstone

  1. battlefiend is a really good card but it does kind of such that the new standard stats for a really good one drop are 2/2 with an upside. This is literally the start of a new cycle will we have 1 mana 3/3 with an upside at the end of the next cycle?

  2. Surprised to not see Kayn Sunfury on this list, I'm willing to bet that he's a big part of the reason for why Leeroy got sent to the HoF.

  3. Imprisonned Gan'arg : not this good when played on T1 and awful when played later. Playing a war axe will always be better cause it comes on the same turn and the T1 on topdeck is the worst card in the game

  4. there's no way control warrior is going to have enough value to do anything this set, unless i'm missing something. there's alot of great removal options in the class but the only value cards i can think of that you can put in the class are dragon roar king phaoris, zephrys and alex and at that point why are you playing warrior. I'm gonna miss control warrior 🙁

  5. Isn't zigzor prime like galakrond shaman a bit with either a harder or easier finishing requirement depending on how you look at it

  6. What if 1 of the 3 enemy warders is transformed into another minion and only 2 of them are killed, will that trigger Magtheridon?

  7. Where THE HELL is Kayne?? That card is THE NUTS Jens, put some respect on his name…. 4 MANA 3-5 IGNORES TAUNTS! Wow…

  8. I'm really surprised to not see Imprisoned Antean on this list. In my group of friends, we've been losing our mind over that card.

  9. Trump: This is the best 1 drop in the HISTORY of Hearthstone!
    Also Trump: Here's a 1 drop that's ranked higher in the same list!

  10. Question:
    If you play Maiev Shadowsong on Magtheridon… will it awake after 2 turns? Or is this the end of your boardslot?

  11. I'm sure battlefiend won't be in my DH's deck…. like… ever. And Eye Beam didn't make a cut as well. And the same with Umberwing 🙂 And believe me winrate of Skull of Gul'dan won't be that amasing.

  12. Ooof, gonna be fun to see him rereview this after that trash heap card as number 2 lmao. Literal pack filler. The only person who will ever put that in a deck will be Thijs the meme deck lord.

  13. Nice top 10 list trump. Very cool animations for each of the top 10s

  14. Trump: "I'm gonna make Magtheridon great (again)"
    Yeah that's gonna end well, on so many levels

  15. I like that Trump looks like he has Illidan's horns in the beginning. I don't know if it is cool design or just a coincidence but either way, cool.

  16. Calling it now Megtherodon gets Miave'd after it awakens and you have -1 board space in standard. In Wild the tokens get evolved and then there's sadness

  17. Thank you Jens for ditching the middle cards you did in descent of dragons. This is way better

  18. I don't think Magtheridon is the worst legendary of the set, but it's nowhere near the best either.
    Keep one thing in mind: On turn 4, you will have the card like 30% of the time. So you can't build a deck/strategy around it. You can just put it in an already good deck, and hope to draw it.
    Legendaries have the downside that they're unique so they're not consistent, but most of them are meant to be played way late in the game (or at any time in the game) so it doesn't really matter; But when it's a turn 4 play, not having it makes it a lot worse. Playing it on 10 isn't that great.

    Oh, and against a lot of aggressive decks, you won't dare playing it on its own (without being able to clear) because giving them 3 damage on board is really scary. And if they can buff the health of 1 of them, suddenly your 3 damage AoE follow up doesn't work, and you're in huge trouble.

  19. I just want you to know that in honour of you i disenchanted the golden magtheridon i opened <3

  20. Imprisoned gan'arg is absolute shit cause it's A ROCK it's a fucking rock on your board and it is useless cause no deck is going to play it, it is just a non-relevant-card "dormant" (dormant is the worst hs mechanich EVER)

  21. Nice list ! I agree to all but I believe that you should give us an honorable mentions section later after the next time

  22. nice video
    thank you for seeing magtheridon as a good card. i love control warlock and to clear such a bord is super easy. theres so much aoe that playing it on curve is no problem and even in the lategame it can be comboed with hellfire or any other aoe to make it a deathwing that doesnt discard your hand. with hellfire its "8mana deathwing discard a specific card" with smaller aoe maybe discard 2 cards. in wild its a 6 mana deathwing discard a defile (although i think magtheridon will take 1 damg from the defile) im looking forward to u playing it to show that to everyone

  23. How Trump didn't realize Skull of Guldan is the best card in the expansion is kind of mindblowing.

    It was a 5 mana cast 3 Farsights… It's now 6 mana but even then it's still arguably the best card in the game.

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