Trump Reacts More In This Video Than In His Entire YT Career | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Also Macaw OP!


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46 thoughts on “Trump Reacts More In This Video Than In His Entire YT Career | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Could have gotten extra stats on the Mackaw but you sold the pack leader first. Man so many of your plays are painful. Please improve.

  2. It's so refreshing to watch people have fun playing videogames instead of them being jaded.

  3. i got so excited to first few seconds because i thought it was a trump reacts…

  4. jesus everyone is crying about how he plays, just go watch another streamer lmao

  5. I predict Macaw and Cannon both going to ***.
    They both accelerate the game super hard; people getting hit for 10+ before they get to 8 gold.

  6. So let me get this straight…
    Eudora is a captain. And also a cat.
    And also has boobs. Shouldn't there be 6 of them? 🤔

  7. I'm so sad he didn't go for the Ghoul Exodia build…
    He already had most of the pieces aligned…

  8. I’ve only seen this deck be played against me a few times, and every time it drives home how good Murlocs with poisonous and divine shield are

  9. Selling the tokenproducing cat also improves your chances of getting a triple, as that returns cat to the pool and thus increases your odds of finding more.

  10. Trump, you are one of the most loveable characters in esports I know of. You have fun, you are an amazing but humble player and you seem never salty and thats why it's always a joy and very entertaining to watch your videos and streams. Thank you for all the fun and knowledge you brought me in all these years, you really brightened up some of my days. Next time I see you online on twitch I'm gonna donate, to give you something back.

  11. “im amazing you know to play this hero one day into realese.. honey” firikin hell man that was good and on the spot too, because yeah she couldve looked up how to, but that info its self couldve been false, 5 stars

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