TRUST THE BANANAS?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — It’s like Van Cleef, but you get bonus points for memes.
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25 thoughts on “TRUST THE BANANAS?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I would love to see a mill mechanic in the game. Perhaps something like making the bananas cost 1 to use or only allowing them to be used on beasts would be on the right track. I just don't know what would be balanced.

  2. I don't like this meta. Murlocs are the only real lategame build with top 1 potential. They're overrepresented. Dragons have no synergy at all until tavern 6. Pirates are a coinflip depending on attack order and they fall off lategame. Beast have nothing on tavern 5 and like Dragons, desperately need to reach T6. Mecha have only 1 build and it isn't very strong. Demons have a very strong midgame but fall of hard. Menagerie is strong, can't really complain about it. It would be nice if the early menagerie minions also buffed pirates, mechs and demons though.

  3. 7:01 imagine giving pack bundle giveaway for a pro-player that only plays battlegrounds and don't care about constructed anymore hahahahah

  4. Something I like doing with mookla when I have a strong start is to save the bananas for a couple rounds then drop a 20/20 hydra

  5. I've done OK with Mukla. I think the idea is to stockpile your bananas instead of using them right away. Then when you get a good unit to use them on, like a Hydra, then use them all.

  6. IMO Bananas are really strong if you just wait to use it on something that does better than 1/+1 (divine shield or cleave) and then use it every turn.

  7. JFC, I've never seen someone whine this much as they coasted into first place with barely an issue.

  8. You laughed at me on stream when he first came out and I said he's actually not that bad of a hero. Feels good he's getting the credit of an early game hero that he deserves!

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  10. How do I make sure that I’m enrolled in the giveaway 🤣 I watch literally every video as they are uploaded ❤️

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