Trying Out Kibler's Deck | Part 1

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16 thoughts on “Trying Out Kibler's Deck | Part 1

  1. Does anyone know what happens if you flik skyshiv a jaraxxus minion and the enemy has jaraxxus as their hero, what happens then? Great video Eddy keep them coming !

  2. It's funny, I've been watching Eddy for years, and discovered Brian Kibler about a week ago, now this. That is my favorite shaman deck ever right now

  3. Blackjack stunner shouldn't make a card literally unplayable. Making 9+ cost minions 11+ mana means you have 1 less space in your hand.

  4. I recently started playing Hearthstone again (Never put money in, played every now and again for Tavern brawl).
    And god damn is Demon Hunter nuts.
    I had 1hp and thought I was done.
    I had the +8 hero attack for 8 mana in hand, a second slice and drew a first slice…
    11 damage burst for 8 mana.
    I know to pros thats a joke but I was blown away at how it felt.

  5. I love the way eddy restrains himself from idiots like, "oh really? i was pretty sure thats wrong but i guess it isnt"

  6. Does anyone know if you double battlecry on Siamat, do you end up with all 4 of the options?

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