TURBO PATCHWERK WORKS! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Put that thicc HP to use and powerlevel your Tavern to win the Battlegrounds!
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45 thoughts on “TURBO PATCHWERK WORKS! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Ohhhhh, that's how you get an early 6 star unit!

    I had the same thing happen another day that basically lead to a loss; had no idea that Zerus could get you units from higher tiers than you are. That's pretty swingy, but damn those would be some brutal high rolls.

  2. This guy spends 30 gold rolling but thinks the 3 to give his guys poisonous is too much

  3. make bad plays and expect good results… hmmmm. No way taunting that Cave Hydra is EVER the right play

  4. "We're going to talk about the hero Patchwerk…Patches." …But…Patches is in the game too.

  5. I dont feel so bad messing up late seeing kripp take brann with 0 way to use it at the end because he has to sell 2 minions to use it which he cant

  6. Right here's the deal. 1 you buy zerus.
    2. The next turn its a mamma bear. tavern? 3 stars.
    3. Revise your mech strat for a beast strat.

  7. Could have massively increased his chances by taverning up, also giving taunt to a cleave minion? He deserved to lose, many missplays -_-
    RNG saves the day again, but its fair enough because the opponent was bm emoting when he thought he was winning

  8. "Infinite Carrots" is the title of Kripp's favorite vegan-themed women's romance novel and he has a signed copy in case anyone was wondering what that was about.

  9. I have a feeling that some of the characters are purposely unbalanced, so that they can put some of the neutral cards from next expansion in to even it out. There are like no dragons, yet already dragon synergy cards. There are a severe lack of decent demons, which could be helped by a new set of cards.

  10. Some rng fiesta with this bartendotron dude and no argus from so many rolls. 10 voidlords/10 would watch again

  11. I was hoping that this weren’t a Hearthstone cheat, or a political statement about Hong Kong.

    Blizzard seems unable to get it right, especially in dealing with the latter, even though they’re very sorry that they continue to do that for which they’re “very sorry” for making an honest mistake continuing to do exactly that for which they’re so sorry, despite the the way they continue to handle the action in question / what they’re still doing is completely, 100% within they’re control — and, as such, if they know what they’re doing is absolutely, 100% wrong, — unless, somehow, they value the prospect of making untold fortunes/more money (of which they make so much, already) so much more so than doing what’s in their power to take on human rights abuses — an opportunity/an amount of power so large as they have had, especially for as long as they’ve had it — while the chances that they even stumbled upon such an incredible opportunity as they do, in the first place, are essentially “so exponentially astronomical,” that _they’ll gsurely never see such an opportunity, again,* throughout future history, despite that they still, even now, weeks later, continue to hold that power to make an incredibly powerful statement specifically about one of the most egregious human rights abuses, of our time.

    Certainly, Blizzard must value that opportunity _far above their opportunity to make more money than they do, now— that they wouldn’t want to set the precedent that they’ll choose the money — in exchange for their own freedom to easily take a different path, in future, as developers and publishers, as well — that they wouldn’t simply exchange such power, for money, to the extent that they would only, simply spend their time and money to gaslight the gaming community — and broadcast to their community that they would just as quickly throw any one of us under the boat, in favor of the desire of a nation-state to continue committing such human rights abuses, instead.

    My bad. I’m sincerely sorry about my potential misunderstanding — and you’re certainly not responsible for Blizzard’s choices and vapid, unspecific apologies. 🍻

  12. Man i obliterated todays bg playing patchwerk. I went straight from last place to a victory with golden spawn of nzoth and golden baron rivendare. Absolute madness on the board xD

  13. Kripp giving cave hydra taunt and then complaining when it dies first.

    Name a more iconic duo.

  14. I wish I had the RNG that kripp has in his youtube videos. Never Mama bear ror something snowbally when getting a fast "Discover a t5/6". 😂

  15. I loved the video as always but i have a question: Are you intentionally trying to infuriate your viewers by skipping all those poison murlocs?
    -Asking for a friend.

  16. Kripp: Passes on multiple Toxfins
    Also Kripp: Would've won easier with poison and not putting taunt on hydra

  17. Fishing for a 6 star card in 5 tier tavern complains when he doesn’t get the 6 ⭐️

  18. I just found this channel recently, but I’ve got to say, thanks for making this content, and being a pretty chill person.

  19. Taunting the Cave Hydra was almost certainly a misplay, since every time he went second it got 1 shotted.

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