Turn 5 Dragonqueen Alexstrasza...Good Luck ft. Purple & Gallon | Zalae Hearthstone

It’s just how this deck was intended to be played.
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40 thoughts on “Turn 5 Dragonqueen Alexstrasza…Good Luck ft. Purple & Gallon | Zalae Hearthstone

  1. I've been watching zalae firebat and kibler and I have yet to see hunter, even on the enemy side. Is hunter actually unviable now or what?

  2. Dane made a wild Malygos deck using those Imprisoned Satyr, and doing a turn 6 double ultimate infestation with Ysiel is very game winning

  3. Seems good but how many panthers do you summon with this strategy?

  4. It is what it is, Paul.

    Hearing Zalae called that just sounded weird to me, idk. Glad they buddies. Maybe I just like Zalae better! It's more unique for sure

  5. Zalae's slightly pained tone in "that was a good play" after the DH made a strong, yet hard meaningless, play.

  6. "Everyone is queuing into an unfavorable match up."

    Purple is the chadest HS player.

  7. So why didn't the demon hunter not kill nozari? He was screwed anyways but still lol just interesting

  8. I might give this deck a shot 😀 somehow i managed to find all of the cards in my collection 😀 Wonder how long it will take me to learn how to mulligan for turn 5 or even 4 Alex…

  9. When I saw the title I was like "ohh a bandersmosh game huh?" Then I saw Druid and got really confused until I saw the Imprisoned Satyr coined on 2 and was like "ohhhhhh".

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