Turn 5 Nagrand Slam | Quest Hunter | Hearthstone

Cheating with Kael’thas.


Deck Code: AAECAR8GpKUD2LID87cDg7kDrroD1LoDDJcI2wnkpAO7pQPypQOYqQOOrQP4rwO4tgP/ugP4uwP7uwMA

00:00 Tempo Demon Hunter
05:06 Control Priest
09:56 Tempo Demon Hunter
15:30 Galakrond Rogue
21:39 Wrap-up


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27 thoughts on “Turn 5 Nagrand Slam | Quest Hunter | Hearthstone

  1. AAECAR8GpKUD2LID87cDg7kDrroD1LoDDJcI2wnkpAO7pQPypQOYqQOOrQP4rwO4tgP/ugP4uwP7uwMA

  2. actually tried this deck…it's decent against many greedy or mid-range ones. But it REALLY struggles against T7 hunter.

  3. Even without Veranus/Gorefiend I am having a fun enough time running this madlad deck and cheesing out the occasional Nag Slam

  4. Coin 2, into 2, into no play on 3. A classic manoeuvre done by only the most intellectual of gamers.

  5. OMG!! Why don't I have all these cards!!

    Iwant so much to craft this deck!!))

  6. The fact that the DH even lasted as long as he did there is a crime.

  7. Ooh chump.. casino mage?! Its soo good! Imma try your quest hunty out soon! Thanks for code!

  8. Saw this video, decided to play the deck since I had the cards, 1st game I played I got the turn 5 Nagrand Slam against a highlander priest (I won 2 turns later)

  9. Love your videos Chump)
    Ingenious decks, insightful commentary and soothing voice. You are perfect.

  10. Woah this deck brought him to rank 3, it might be legit
    Next game: earns 1 star in rank 4…
    Now im suspicious

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