TURN 6 OTK!? The Dark Portal is BROKEN! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Standard Quest Warlock OTK combo deck is to use The Dark Portal combined with Malygos, Jepetto Joybuzz, and Faceless Manipulator! We do this by playing Malygos, copying it with Faceless and then using some combination of Soulfire, Nether Breath, and Rain of Fire! Fun meme deck! Good luck!

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21 thoughts on “TURN 6 OTK!? The Dark Portal is BROKEN! | Hearthstone

  1. Solid high roll meme deck right here! Good video! But you know what we all need… and have been waiting for! The king of Highkeeper Ra OTK’s has a new class to do it with!!! HIGHKEEPER RA DEMON HUNTER!!!

  2. What headset do you use? The mucrophone seems to be that of the headset, yet the quality is quite high

  3. A very fun cheese strat :3 Another fun deck I've seen use Dark Portal is big spell King Phaoris with Shadow Council for after the Phaoris turn.

  4. If you wouldn't have played Twisted Knowledge at 10:15, you'd have won 100% of the time.
    Without spending 2 mana on it, you would have had 4 mana left after playing Soul Fire, enabling you to also play Hellfire instead of Rain of Fire. So no matter what Soulfire discarded, you still would have had lethal.

    I understand the play tho- lowering the chance of discarding a combo piece. But you should have evalueated other options as well.

  5. Why run quest if you have no way of living till late game?

    Also game 1 wouldn't you have also won just playing the 2nd faceless?

  6. Play 20 games, win like 2. This is the worst OTK I've seen in a while. Nice idea but in practice it's pretty awful.

  7. first game you couldve played the second faceless for 5, and just hit the guy with both soulfires 19 damage each for the remaining two mana lol.

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