Turning the Opponent into Jaraxxus! Sacrificial Pact OTK! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Wild Handlock Warlock OTK combo deck is to use Expired Merchant combined with Lord Jaraxxus and Sacrificial Pact! We do this by playing Expired Merchant (discarding Jaraxxus), Treachery. Then, once the opponent plays Jaraxxus we play Lorewalker Cho, Voidwalker, Sacrificial Pact, and Unseen Saboteur! Extremely challenging, but super fun meme deck! Good luck!

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42 thoughts on “Turning the Opponent into Jaraxxus! Sacrificial Pact OTK! | Hearthstone

  1. I thought this otk would die when they nerfed sac pac. Never dissapointed with the otks you produce

  2. It would be funny if you played this deck without unseen sabatour to try and tempt them into killing thereselves.

  3. I feel like this is one of those combos where if you're the opponent, you let it happen. The other guy deliberately gives you Lord Jaraxxus, you gotta say to yourself, "okay, this is worth losing a star for. let's see where this goes."

  4. How you ever pulled this off is beyond me. Someone spending resources to give you 2 Jaraxxus and not see it as suspicious.

  5. Nice! Kind of reminds me of the Warrior Togwaggle-Journey to Ungoro-Skulking Geist Combo insofar as it requires an opponent action

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