TURNING WHELP BUILD INTO A CHAMPION! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Whelps can win, they just need a little bit of extra care and attention!
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36 thoughts on “TURNING WHELP BUILD INTO A CHAMPION! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Kripp: if we get triple kalecgos and nadina it will be really strong

    proceeds to skip nadina in place of a battlecry

  2. I started whistling when he rolled nadina with his one roll and lost it. He grabbed a r o c k p o o l h u n t e r

  3. You might think this video is about buffed dragons but the spotlight actually goes to pogo…

  4. Pogo only actually resulted in taking less damage than full deathrattle beasts, pogo op

  5. Some of your plays are brilliant, and make me realize why I'm stuck at 6k, then you go and NOT BUY NADINA, when you have 3gold left at the end of a turn….

  6. That was an insanely lucky early game though, and the Kalygos turn too.

    I don't know what the odds are to get such cards, but it's probably very low lol

  7. Ya know, after watching this, that Alexstrasza might of been me because that looking at them builds throughout the game looks very familiar and that ending with a pogo is something i usually do when I know for sure I'm gonna lose.
    Except, im also sure this happened like a month or so ago, so i might just be wilding

  8. Go to two get yourself 8 welps if possible more and than go boom bots and level, naturly the best build, chance for win 0.5% so just do it:)

  9. What kripp has a wife? I thought he's married to hearthstone and how she didn't divorce him with that haircut

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