Turns Out Mal'Ganis Is TRULY ETERNAL | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1578

Turns Out Mal’Ganis Is TRULY ETERNAL | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1578

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ES_Merry-Go-Round — Stationary Sign
ES_Crazy ‘Bout You — Golden Age Radio
ES_Rolling In The Retro Jam 3 — Victor Olsson
ES_Lindy Hop Gals — Golden Age Radio
Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin (Full Audio)

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39 thoughts on “Turns Out Mal'Ganis Is TRULY ETERNAL | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1578

  1. I would make a second 1 mana 1/1 version of Stargazer Luna where instead of drawing you discard your whole hand and deck as a Battlecry, and must be included in all Mage decks ever, start in your opening hand and mandatory playing on turn 1. Then maybe all mages will suffer a small bit of what I’ve suffered against them and RNJesus

  2. Comment Question: If u came up with a new keyword, what will it be called. Idk if that was done already but that would be a cool question to ask the viewers

  3. Nat Pagle would be a Pirate but his lore would be that he is a Tuna Bandit and smuggles rare fish

  4. Edwin Vacleef, pirate king- Battlecry for each pirate summon this game gain +1/+1, Deathrattle summon two random pirates that died this game.
    5mana 4 health 4 attack

  5. I would make a offensive tirion fordring, 7 mana, 5/6, battlecry equip a 5/3 weapon

  6. Blink fox untamed: fill your hand with random cards from another class. (I just really love blink fox and want to see it return)

  7. Some re-skined version of Nozdormu with a bit of older togwaggle flavour. 7 mana 3/10 with text Battlecry: Give your opponent a Cursed Pocketwatch. While it’s in their hand, their turn is 15 seconds long. The pocket watch is a spell that costs 4 mana

  8. Millhouse Manastorm with his beloved Pyroblast at 10 mana. So BC cast a Pyroblast at a random target if you have 10 mana.

  9. I would change zeprhys to, While this is in your hand, it becomes the perfect card if your deck has no duplicates.

  10. I believe that a second gruul modeled after dragonkiller gruul from the outland challenges should be added.

  11. comment question : Dark Milhouse Manastorm, 6 mana 3/3, battlecry : play three spells for zero mana

  12. New Malganis idea: 9 mana 9/7 Malganis, Turtle Form! Battlecry: Replace your hero with Malganis. Malganis hero has 7 health, start with a 9 attack weapon and 5-mana hero power: Summon Malganis.

  13. Millhouse the Magnificent: 2 mana 4/4 Battlecry: your opponent's cards all cost 2 less for next turn only.

  14. 6:45 Why did the Warlock even run imp-summoning cards? I don't even run Voidlords because I don't want Bloodreaver to summon voidwalkers.

  15. Можно ли выглядеть менее крутым и более задротом, чем тхис в бейсболке.

  16. Alternate version of Tirion where all of the stats and deathrattle are the same, but if you're against a Gul'dan, he dies immediately after you play him.

  17. I would redo Nozdormu into a version that only allows players to play only one card and make one attack per turn. (The flavor of slowing time down as opposed to speeding it up)

  18. Mountainfist over-ogre: It's boulderfist ogre but with +1 to cost and attack and +2 to health. Now that's good stats for the cost!

  19. New Onyxia: 9 cost 8/8. Battlecry: pick an enemy minion to kick into the whelps, summon a 1/1 whelp to attack it. Repeat until target is dead.

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