TWIN SLICE BUFFED?!? This Can't Be Good. OP Odd Demon Hunter! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

Odd Demon Hunter was already amazing, and it seems like it might have just gotten BUFFED by the Twin Slice «nerf.» What have they done??

Deck Level: Guaranteed
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0:11 Game 1
3:29 Game 2
8:32 Game 3
16:14 Game 4
20:39 Game 5

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Deck Spotlight | Hearthstone | TWIN SLICE BUFFED?!? This Can’t Be Good. OP Odd Demon Hunter!


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23 thoughts on “TWIN SLICE BUFFED?!? This Can't Be Good. OP Odd Demon Hunter! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. Why the hell would you not keep eyebeam in outcast position in Mulligan against warlock lol triggered me so hard

  2. "This is degenerate. This is evil." I guess now you know why Illidan was locked away for TEN THOUSAN YEARS.

  3. Expired merchant should get a nerf for sure because using it into hand of guldan and fist of jaraxus is broken asf

  4. That is actually accurate discard warlock. They pop off more often and the good cards that you dont want to discard are really cheap and can be played first.

  5. Took legend 300 in 50 games on odd dh after a comeback into hs. Now they buff it. Seems legit

  6. … That Discolock deck looks ridiculous, but from experience it self destructs just as often as it goes off like that. It’s like Aggro Mechadin in the way it plays.

    ‘Good Hand’ — Win turn 4/5
    ‘Bad Hand’ — Lose turn 4/5 because you’ve got no cards… and that’s assuming your opponent doesn’t counter or clear your big minion.

  7. A card that should have NEVER been printed causing issues since day one.. wow what a surprise!

  8. "I'm suprised to see dart trap in the meta"
    As someone who plays and follows wild extensively, so am I.

  9. AMAZING his hero power changes from golden to NOT golden…. (Game 4)

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