TWO CLASSES in One Random Hearthstone Deck - Tavern Brawl Week 35

Who’s ready for some chaos? In this week’s Tavern Brawl, Griffin and Phil get to choose two classes to determine their completely random, bad decks.
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15 thoughts on “TWO CLASSES in One Random Hearthstone Deck — Tavern Brawl Week 35

  1. As far as best video game movie goes, if you include animated stuff, then the entire conversation is going to be about the animated ones, because they are miles better than all the live action films because, surprise surprise, you can do wilder, crazier scenes that are closer to the source material. IMO, best live action is Resident Evil, best animated is either Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, Animal Crossing, or Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

    Also Final Fantasy: Spirits Within is probably the highest rated because most of the people who reviewed it probably didn't play any final fantasy games, so for them it was just a mediocre/high concept sci-fi movie. As someone who saw the movie before ever playing a FF game, I enjoyed it quite a bit, and it looks amazing on blu-ray. Now having played FF games, I can understand why people were so disappointed and hate it, but feel that their hatred should be directed at the people who made the call to produce it this way, not the actual film itself. It's not a great movie, but it's not as horrible as people say it is.

  2. I feel like the fundamental problem with the idea of a Warcraft movie, beyond just the usual "videogame movies suck" thing, is that while the -craft franchises have both come up with a good deal of their own original lore, at their core they've been about borrowing and remixing very thinly-veiled pastiches of existing properties. I may be perpetuating a double standard here, but that is much more enjoyable for me in an interactive media context than in a purely narrative work…

  3. Silent Hill is the best video game movie. That's a fact.

    Doom is the best bad video game movie. That is also a fact.

  4. ADVENT CHILDRENNNNN lol I loved that movie! Stoked for the Warcraft one 🙂

  5. Most annoying thing that's happened to me in this (pretty annoying) brawl: Druid with sub shaman got a Doomhammer. Turns out a giving the windfury benefit to the Druid ability's extra one hero damage is pretty nasty, not to mention card-driven Druid hero attack boosts. Could see shaman/rogue or vise versa with Deadly Poison on a Doomhammer also being nasty. Especially because all I could do was hope against hope that the random number generator tossed me a Slime to take care of it (spoiler: It didn't)…

  6. Combine mage with warlock or hunter for some annoying control decks. It is disappointing that the combined class decks are random rather than a specific combination with synergy

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