Two Quests in One Deck?! | Double Quest Hunter | Wild Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum


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Playing two quests in one deck is possible but quite difficult. You will get both quests in the mulligan and have to keep one of them until the first is finished which leaves you with a card disadvantage. Unseal the Vault might be the worst quest next to Supreme Archaeology and The Marsh Queen is not the best card either

It is possible to win while having two quests in your deck but they are not really a win condition when combined. Queen Carnassa helps a lot with all the Raptors in your deck to actually summon 20 minions for Unseal the Vault. If you are one of the unlucky ones who opened Unseal the vault I give you my OK to disenchant that, right now. Dont hesitate, get rid of that 🙂


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39 thoughts on “Two Quests in One Deck?! | Double Quest Hunter | Wild Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum

  1. I would absolutely love to see you play untapped potential highlander 👍 I am currently playing it and it's not to bad

  2. Ive been looking for this content as soon as they announced new quests, thanks for delivering!

  3. Double quest mage could be very interesting, you could run a control style deck with the new quest and the use the hero power to help complete the old one, or rush to complete the old one really fast and use the reward to help you complete the new one

  4. I just realized the +2 attack is permanent. Always assumed it was a 1 turn thing.

  5. да да я тот самий руский комент которий ти ищеш

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