ULTIMATE BOOMER PLAY - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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34 thoughts on “ULTIMATE BOOMER PLAY — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Death by boomer apm, thats the most embarassing way to go, like everyone makes mistakes but not everyone has boomer apm.

  2. Not boomer apm just brain lag and thinking for no reason for too long it is called poor decision making

  3. Not even boomer APM, just typical streamer waiting til the last possible fucking moment to do anything. Why do so many of them do this?

  4. man did i see that one coming xD. i mean golden khadgar, bran, token and discover in hand. only could have gone wrong and it did

  5. You’re thinking to much u should straight to your build that’s the problem or else you’re gonna get that first place

  6. Knows that he's going to need every possible second for his next turn well in advance.
    Wastes half of it staring at the board.

  7. I dont understand how they can do that playing on pc with 160+ sec on a turn. I play on cellphone with 60sec at most. Seeing these apms triggers me so much, wonder how amaz, krip am sajvz would do on a cellphone.

  8. Not a problem with APM

    More like a problem with being terrible at the game

    He took forever to decide to sell that dragon

    He got the outcome that he deserved

  9. Is it me or Amaz is bad in Battlegrounds? I do not consider the last turn, but still he did quite huge misplays before this turn.. I mean i m playing it on 7.5k and i am quite lower rank than him, however if i played as much as him, maybe i could get higher… And still, i see so many misplays and such good opportunities wasted almost every his game… Or maybe it is bcz i watch too much dog and kripp, and compare them to amaz always..

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