Ultimate Pro Ysera Strats - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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14 thoughts on “Ultimate Pro Ysera Strats — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. You know your rolls are great when you freeze, like, 4 times by turn 7 and then the Razorgore on top of all of it… so dirty lol. gg Sylssa!

    Edit: wouldn’t it have been better to sell the +1/1 dragons the roll before the buff the Drakonid and Cobalt or is losing +2/2 worth it if it gets on the divine shield mech?

  2. Just from watching your videos and streams, I've climbed over 1000 MMR in the past week

  3. While reading the title i thought of a great way to make this hero power decent. Maybe If you got to discover the dragon that enters the tavern it would be balanced.

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