Vargoth Libram Paladin | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

Vargoth and Pyromancer are better than Lightforged Zealot and Crusader, in my opinion.


Part 1:

00:00 Deck Update
02:41 Highlander Rogue


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48 thoughts on “Vargoth Libram Paladin | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone


  2. When you were trying to figure out the secret the rogue could have up after playing the 1/5, you could have assumed it wasn’t ambush. He was Highlander and had already played one.

    Loving the frequent uploads btw, keep it up!

  3. Jepetto is a really cool inclusion. I love seeing some lesser used cards finding good homes like this! Keep it up Chump. I've been playing a version of your dragon burn shaman that's done pretty well against demon hunter (although losing totemic smash is pretty sad)

  4. do you know where Chump streams if anywhere? his twitch seems to be mostly empty

  5. Is it worse with kaelthas and lay on hands with avenging wrath? You can activate him with 2 librams on a minion that will die this turn, get them back, cast 2 expensive spells for free.

  6. I feel like the point of non-pure libram paladin is to run one-drops to stick buffs on, like blazing battlemage or hot air balloon

  7. Great deck 😉 Modified it a bit by putting in Auctioneer and Exotic Mountseller, works great so far!

  8. Cant believe you didnt see it yet, all these 0 mana spells…. auctioneer, questing, miracle paladin?

  9. What about 1 drops? I remember one of the biggest problems of pure version was not having 1 drops, and consequently hand of adal being a useless card on turn 2, but now that you run neutrals I don't understand why you still don't have 1 drops in the deck.

  10. Thanks for another great video!
    Could you mix the sound on your videos louder? Your videos always seem very quiet compared to videos from other Hearthstone content creators.

  11. I've been running replicator tron in this deck to help get my libram of wisdoms rolling. Might throw in vargoth too.

  12. I just despise gala rogue players right now, that deck is so frustrating to play again, so I'm glad you beat them

  13. Wow these rogues, both games I wanted to enter the screen and stangle them… Fucking bulshit. Thank god Chump rulz!

  14. doing work at diamond 5 with this deck. thought the last one was pretty solid too. Great deck skillz.

  15. Been trying for days to make Libram paladin work, but nothing really came together. This deck though? 5/5 victories so far, at around Diamond 8. Great decklist, sir. 🙂

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