Veronika Wild  - Beautiful Car (GTA V)

Music and Lyrics: Veronika Wildová
Recorded by: Jan Horkel * Music Video: Tomáš Řemínek
Ride around the city: Los Santos (Grand Theft Auto V)

Beautiful Car

You have such a beautiful car
I close the door, I close the world behind
Let´s ride to the evil side
You have such exceptional style
touchless gear and tinted glass
We are laughing all the time, cause you are so funny!
Are you?

Ch: And tell me I´m the only one
Your words are everything I need
I´m the only one
You smile like you even believe it
I´m the only one
And your hands fit so nicely to my skin
I´m the only one and I have always been… hmmm

We can spend all our lifes (so many nights)
in your amazing car
So strong it can protect lies from breaking us
You will tell me your favourite part
You rule the world and own the space around
And I´m so lucky girl to win the night

Ch: so tell me I´m the only one…

Through all the roads and all the ways
the more lonely place, the less lonesome we get


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