VGMC - World of Warcraft

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Live performance of World of Warcraft Medley at the Video Game Music Choir’s Winter 2010 Concert. Music composed by Russel Brower, Derek Duke, and Matt Uelmen.

Original VGMC arrangement by Chelsea Treglia.

Video directed and edited by Daniel Jimenez. Video Game Music Choir founded and directed by Julia Seeholzer. Audio engineered/mixed by Akash Thakkar. Special thanks to Jeanine Cowen.

DISCLAIMER: We do not own or claim any rights to the official Blizzard footage used in this video. We are a nonprofit organization and wish only to spread the love of game music.


50 thoughts on “VGMC — World of Warcraft

  1. Ah la chingada los que no les gusta chingense.. Ha mi si ME ENCANTO!! ESTUVO EXCELENTE!!! 😀😍😘

  2. i always wondered: do they use an imaginary language for the theme music or is it latin or sth?

  3. Really loving the vid, will definitely watch some more. Thanks for uploading great content!

  4. This made me cry. I usually laugh at people who go to orchestras and get all sappy…I finally get it…this brought me back my childhood T_T thank you.

  5. It's been many years since I've bragged about this, but our daughter is the one who arranged this piece (her credit is at the 1:25 mark) and is also the violinist playing in the second chair (the chair next to the woman who plays the solos). You can also identify her in the rehearsal segments they shot wearing a blue t-shirt. We are so proud of her this many years later

  6. The trombones at the beginning didn't quite hit high enough notes, but otherwise this was great.

    Coming from a trombonist btw 🙂

  7. People complaining here go wash some dishes. It's a cover they arr not obligated to play perfectly perfect. It's quite smooth for me, seeing this small group they did it very good. I played in a orchestra once and it's a hell to make everything works perfectly. Anyway, if this was the original song, people would complain that the other was wrong, and so on. Stop being butthurt and go wash dishes.

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