Video Game Outsiders Podcast LIVE #517 PART 1 Mini SNES, Diablo Necromancer, Metronomicon

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Win a year of Premium VGO! – Call VGO (520) FEEL-VGO, and tell us what you spend $2 a month on
Tweet DM to @VGOPodcast and tell us your favorite rhythm game to win Metronomicon

Speaking of porn…tactile porn
Voicemail #1: (520) FEEL-VGO – Bill Clinton did not hate that game
10 sec. spotlight:


Necromancer for Diablo3 , other DLC, and money issues
“Everything but the Switch”
Free to Start – Dungeon Defenders II
Master X Master – It’s a MOBA and it’s free, but it’s not bad
The Metronimocon / great soundtrack / Play with your plastic guitar
Speaking of songs… Michelle’s Song – Time Traveller
Drinking: Cocoa metro Belgian chocolate milk


Nex Machina – making retrogamers lose they shit fo’ 25¢ – John doesn’t hate it
Neo-Retro game rant
The history of the artistic game: Cuphead
Drinking: Pellegrino

Guest Host – Ray Price

Still playing his Switch – with wireless play
Super SNES Mini thoughts / The Star Fox 2 secret
Ours is not to reason why, the SNES mini is for John to buy!
8bitdo controllers for the Switch
Yooka-Laylee camera update


NBC will do Rocket League E-Sports
Valve controller fingers VR
Sega Forever is a trainwreck
PUBg patch
John’s retro-identity meltdown (rant)
Voicemail #2: What about the SNES Mini?
CoD WWII – never go back
Orlando weather is on like Donkey Kong


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