Warcraft Lore Facts - The Children of Cenarius

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Cenarius had at least 4 children: Zaetar, the eldest, the progenitor of the Centaur; Remulos, one of the younger sons and keeper of the Moonglade; Ordanus, a random NPC killed in a level 20 Horde quest, and the Dryad, progenitor of the dryads.

In the RPG books, Cenarius had a bastard son named Centaur, supposedly the ancestor of the species of the same name. While it is well known that Cenarius’s eldest son, Zaetar, is the actual ancestor of the centaur tribes, 3 of the tribes, the Krenka, Marauders and the Stonetalon are not confirmed to have their origins with Zaetar, possibly lending credence to Centaur’s existence.

Unlike most other children of Cenarius who use druidic magic, the Centaur use a twisted form of shamanistic magic, though not quite as dark as what Garrosh has been doing recently.

The Magnataur are also distant relatives of Cenarius, though their precise relationship is not described. In the RPG books, they once were one of the dominant races of the world, with evidence pointing at the existence of a few Magnataur kingdoms, where the early humans were kept as slaves.

A handful of rugs made of Centaur skin can be found among the Blackrock orcs of Blackrock Spire. This suggests the possibility of a Centaur breed in the Eastern Kingdoms which was wiped out by the Blackrock orcs.

Remulos, the Keeper of the Moonglade, is also the one who introduced the Tauren into the Cenarion Circle, despite the protests of Fandral Staghelm. In contrast, Remulos opposed Staghelm’s project of a new world tree, Teldrassil.

Despite usually hating each other, some centaur, such as the Centaur Pariah in vanilla WoW, dream of the day where the tribes will be united. In Cataclysm, the Alliance and Horde help unite the Kolkar, Magram and Gelkis tribes against the threat of the Burning Legion.

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6 thoughts on “Warcraft Lore Facts — The Children of Cenarius

  1. Fyi for everyone watching, fact #2 has been clarified since the making of this video. Only Zaetar, along with Princess Theradras, are the ancestors of the centaurs, and nobody else.

  2. One thing friend, the magnataur have not been confirmed to be related to cenarious in anyway. its just been a rumor that people have chosen to accept. the more likely case is they are the mortal offspring of the dead wild god Mam'toth, just as the quilboar are the mortal offspring of Agamaggan. That one little scribbled picture where its brann saying all this stuff, many and much of that has been turned out to be wrong and blizzard used that as possibilities but nothing set and stone. Such as Ettin and ogres. ettin are Native to Azeroth and were around much before the ogres ever came from Dreanor.

    To further this Cenarius, Dryads, Keepers, Night Elves, and even harpies all have similar body forms, and all have been influenced or have had some form of relationship with Elune. While the maganataur are mammoth giants. They also have very different temperments very similar to the enraged mammoth npcs near Mam'toth crator. Now this isnt confirmed either but i wwould personally prefer that story over being related to Cenarius. Cenarius has enough spotlight and so do the other races influenced by Elune. i would like to see that, because it would make sense. Even before i went to Mam'toths crator myself, i said that wild gods blood often gives birth to mortal humanoid offpsrings with features of the animal the wild god represented.
    And loa and be hold 😛 there is Mam'toth blood flowing around, angry mammoths, etc etc. It would make the most sense and allow blizzard to add more lore instead of just saying, "oh and magnataur are somehow related to cenarius, simply because its four legged humanoid." i personally think thats lame.

  3. And in anycase, as of a c ouple years ago the wow rpg books are not cannon. Now i still like them and wish bliz could keep their lore, but as the world and story expands they change it. :/ you know what sucks? the new chronicle volume 1 book has already been slightly retconedd on certain things in legion. 🙁

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